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  1. Re: Pricing to Cooperate not Compete with Fellow Beekeepers

    I happen to know that my honey is a bit better than most in my area. I therefore feel no problem in asking a bit more for it. I let the buyers set the price, not the other sellers.
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    Re: Honey Extration Question

    A few uncapped cells here and there are not a worry.
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    Re: DIY simple easy to make hive frames

    One feature that my purchased frames have thst many homemade frames do not is the bevel on the top of the top bar where it rest on the box.

    Thst bevel decreases the contact area between the box...
  4. Re: Medium deep brood box FULL of capped honey.

    I would take two frames of honey and extract them or use crush and squeeze and strain them for myself as a reward for my efforts, then I would put those frames back in with new foundation.

    At and...
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    Re: How many frames of honey to leave?

    In the tallahasse area, I would take all three supers as long as there are some honey frames on the sides of both deeps.

    To play it safe, leave them the partial super.
  6. Re: Released new queen, wil she be good to go ???

    You could have taken that capped queen and another frame or two and put them in a nuc.
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    Re: Brush, fume board, or bee escape?

    I am a hobbyist so a few more minutes is not a big deal. I am also a small female and dont want back injuries.

    I have found the frame by frame removal to be easy enough. Have also used fume...
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    Re: Buiding Frames Questions

    I want my frames to last for years. I want them to hold up to inspections, and extraction.

    I use tire bond 2 or 3 applied with a piece of a sponge on a stick. Then the nails. I put two at...
  9. Re: Is there a screened solid bottom board on the market

    One of the local suppliers sells a screened bottom board with tile board inserts instead of the plastic ones.

    I use mostly the plastic ones and they serve me as both screened or solid and...
  10. Re: I survived my first year of bee keeping! But now I'm broke...

    Give that woman some honey.

    You can take it a frame at a time and cut the comb into a large Ziploc bag. Then crush, then cut corner of the bag and let drain through a commander or strainer.
  11. Re: Adding new 10 frame box but want to fill half way.

    So glad you posted this. I have seen many 8 frame boxes on a 10 frame in pictures and wondered why the beekeeper did not match up the 10 frame boxes and 8 frame boxes with each other.

    Doh. Did...
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    Re: More Stolen Hives

    Maybe they were flow hives, that would make them cost about that much.....

    But who would steel them??😉
  13. capped queen cells, how to make the most of them??

    A while back, I made a small split of 4 frames from a double deep hive. The frames had assorted stages of brood and a couple of queen cells. At least one was capped, and the other had something in...
  14. Thread: Syrup

    by rolftonbees

    Re: Syrup

    Many beekeepers solve this issue of what is honey and what is sugar syrup in the hives by never feeding sugar after the honey super has been placed on the hive, and by not taking honey from the...
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    Re: Bees keep leaving!!! HELP!

    Try feeding them some sugar syrup for a few days. I do this when I make splits.

    It lets them start making wax, and makes the queen more apt to start laying brood.
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    Re: Very rewarding

    Unless you started all 12 hives this year, I would expect you to get more than 30 to 40 frames of honey by fall.

    YOu just might be extracting more than you need.
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    Re: no bees in the lower super???

    Once they are settled in, you can put the empty on top.
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    Re: Glycophosphate in honey

    I saw no mention of Elisa Testing in the article linked to. Perhaps it is mentioned in the referenced sources.

    The article linked to mixes apples and oranges. The writer goes off on a tangent...
  19. Re: Can't stop strong hive from robbing its splits

    Problem is that the splits and the original hive all smell alike. They can go in without being stopped. Until a hive has its own queen this is likely to happen. This is why many folks take the...
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    Re: Why add more than one super?

    Because the bees protect the honey while it sits in the hive waiting for extraction day. If I removed it and waited moths and ants etc. Might get into it.
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    Read up on mite away quick strips. They are considered organic and if I recall correctly could be used with honey supers on, although most use them in late sunner early fall after supers are off.
  22. Re: What's the best honey extractor for under $200?

    Consider putting off your extractor purchase until you get an extractor worth having. I did this and am glad I did not buy a 200.00 dollar model.

    The first year I had suplusbhoney and did...
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    Re: Move Bees to Weaker Hive

    I would be more inclined to give them a frame of brood and eggs from the strong hive. This gives them workers and the option to raise a new queen.
  24. Re: installed new bees and temperature drops! how to feed them?

    I have had good luck with bag feeding. I use a shim that raises the lids about 1.5 inches. My shims are made of scrap and some are 2x2 and others 1x2 (1.5).

    Take the syrup out warmish to hot and...
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    Re: Best type of frame foundations to use?

    I use crimp wire wax foundation. I will cut a section out of every few frames and let the bees build it back. Sometimes injust break off the last section as I am mounting it in frame.

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