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    entering dearth period - feeder issues

    Hey again everyone,

    So it looks like we're entering a dearth period in my area of Western NY and I've observed the bees, opened up the hives (2) and have seen VERY little pollen collection going...
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    Re: Beesmax products

    I agree with the ease of assembly for the BeeMax hives, which is why I went with BeeMax last year when I restarted beekeeping with one hive after 8 years away (we had hives for 4 years). I ended up...
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    drones - how many are too many?


    I have a hive that I overwintered from last year, came through very strong, then swarmed. That hive now seems to have a lot of drones flying in and out. I counted over 20 in less than 2...
  4. TBH interested, ranting, questions, not sure...


    I'm new to beekeeping, having not so a good a time of it with two Langs this year. One was doing well, the other not so well. Thinking I need to combine the two, not looking forward to it.
  5. Letting the bees keep it all - first year, questions

    So, this is my first year keeping bees after assisting my wife 7 years ago (she's no longer into it). I have 2 hives, one much stronger than the other, and the goldenrod is still in bloom here in...
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    western ny - nucs for 2014?


    Does anyone know where I can (if I can) still order a nuc for 2014 in New York? I can drive down to the Finger Lakes, Central NY, Southern Tier, or over to the Albany area to pick it up (I'm...
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    how to fix capped brood in honey super

    Does anyone have ideas on what to do if I find capped brood in a honey super? Scrape out the brood? Replace w/ empty frames? (think my previous post was too long winded)

  8. Western NY - brood in honey super, need help

    I went to inspect my two hives yesterday and one of them had what appeared to be 8 frames of partially filled honey comb in the top super (above the queen excluder), the other was empty (no queen...
  9. Western NY bees not drawing out supers - what's up with that?

    About 3 weeks ago, I put a super on each of my first year hives. Kept checking weekly to see if they would draw them out, and about 1 week ago, I put an excluder on the hive that had about 1/3 of...
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    mit check frequency

    How often do you use a sugar shake to check for mites throughout the season? I did one once a few weeks after I established my hives, but haven't since. And, since I have supers on both, I guess I...
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    inspection protocol

    Should I break down the entire hive every time I work the bees? Seems like a lot of work to do so, especially when I have 2 deeps and 2 supers in a hive. It also seems like a full breakdown for...
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    using excluders or not

    I just saw another thread that seemed to indicate using a queen excluder between a 2nd deep and a super isn't a good idea.

    If I don't use an excluder, how do I keep the queen from laying in a...
  13. to add or not to add supers (tale of 2 first year hives)

    I have 2 first year hives (each w/ 2 deeps) in Western NY and today I inspected both, expecting to put a super on one, MAYBE both. On the first hive (from a strong local swarm, installed June 20th),...
  14. mite control - powdered sugar shake only or need more?

    Can I use a powdered sugar shake on a regular basis as a method of mite control in spring and summer before I use Apiguard (or something else) in the fall, after a honey flow?

    How frequently...
  15. 8 frames in a 10 frame Lang - can it / should it be done?

    I've read a thread or two about 8 frame hives and need to get more information. From what I've read, it's mostly done for the weight issues, something to consider, since my back isn't as strong as...
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    Not sure what to do next

    My wife installed a new package on 5/13, I did the first "major" inspection on 5/21, everything seemed "ok" (saw the queen, lots of bees, brood, etc). Maybe didn't do as thorough a job as I should...
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    Re: Multiple swarms or one HUGE wild swarm?


    I don't know a lot about Texas bees, but up here in Western NY, we don't have any honey bees that nest in the ground. I would leave them be.

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    Need to get a package / nuc - Western NY


    I just had to cancel a package pickup at Betterbee in eastern NY, due to scheduling conflicts (they rescheduled twice, due to Georgia's cold weather). So, I have no bees for this spring.
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