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  1. Re: making up fall nucs for overwintering (TBH)

    Can't speak for tbh configertations but have made OW nucs in Virginia for a few years now with great success. You want 3 cycles of bees so the bees in the nuc are strong and of that Queen. Consider...
  2. Re: Cut Comb Honey: Issue with Wax Foundation

    I am NO expert but a comb honey new bee. I found that few if anyone or anything I read explains how to prepare the frames- and I too had the foundation just drop out not understanding why. Most...
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    Re: How Do You Spell Honey?

    Couldn't figure out edit- so just to add- went to take off what I hoped were cleaned off supers and it looks like everyone has at least 1 more filled with nectar and some 2. Surely a bumper crop...
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    Re: How Do You Spell Honey?

    Good year in the Mid Atlantic. Have in buckets now twice what I took off last year. Average 2 supers per colony. Several had 3.
  5. Re: Trouble in bee paradise! Help would be appreciated!

    Can you email me off line about more details here. WHich small little group? From WV? And where were the queens from? karla (PWRBeekeepers....)
  6. Re: Queen looks mated but throwing only drones

    I have also had laying queens become drone layers later in the season- or the following Spring. Poorly mated- just ran out of juice as MB said
  7. Re: Does venom immunotherapy (VIT) work? (I need real world advice)

    yes- although I just had the large local reaction diagnosis not the anaphylactic one. I used to get a sting and swell increasingly worse over 3 days. Several times I took steroids. I went through...
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    Re: Insurance for Bee Keepers

    I just researched this. Farm Family sqkcrk mentioned had the best deal when combined with my home owners insurance. It is liability- pretty much the same package that the Texas company in the bee...
  9. Re: Interesting DC editorial countering the pesticide CCD hysteria the media loves

    I read it quickly and liked the focus that pesticides aint it...
    but then i realized it did not even mention mites or viruses, etc. and said we were all just fine with up to 20% loss. Even though...
  10. Interesting DC editorial countering the pesticide CCD hysteria the media loves

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    Re: local beekeeper died from sting

    very sad for her and her family. As one who went through an bee sting allergy shot regimen for 4 years, i always carry an epi pen- but this sounded like a delayed reaction which is worrisome,...
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    Re: Labels from Amy Adele

    wrong Amy. No website that I am aware of. Search on Amy's Labels here or via Dadant ABJ for contact info
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    Re: Spring 2014 Newsletter NY Bee Wellness

    Nice work.
    I wonder though about one of your pros on the nuc handout. You say "You don’t have to immediately re -hive a nuc unless it is very robust and at risk of swarming." I haven't sold a nuc...
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    Re: Split of a Colony

    it is not the nurse bees that will go back to the parent hive- it is the forager bees. Nurse bees will stay with the open brood in the split.
    So feed the split when leaving in the same yard.
  15. Re: what type of honey is made in late winter, early spring?

    There can be an early and intense maple flow. Plus Autumn Olive. Light delicious honey.
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    Re: Polar Vortex states

    Bees wintered well here too :-). A cold and long winter too for Virgina. Out of about 40 colonies, Zero dead outs, weak and not really worth keeping = 10%. I have wise and kind beekeepers to thank...
  17. Re: Overdramatic? "Responding to an S.O.S. from the Commercial Beekeeping Industry"

    I too was a little confused by what is the message they are trying to get across? My take on it was that they saying that the Tech transfer teams are one response to help beekeepers- a way to help...
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    Re: putting a swam in queenless hive?

    not exactly what you are asking, but last year I put a swarm into a colony that had a capped queen cell and the swarm absconded. I thought it might work, but in hindsight it seemed like a stupid...
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    Re: Spring treatment - does it worth?

    It is an extensive discussion of dealing with varroa.
  20. Re: Fastest way to get laying queens in the early season

    The very best thing you can do is to learn to make overwintered nucs with queesn made in the prime season and nectar flow. Even if they are "store bought" get them from breeders that are breeding in...
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    Re: Bee School Quandry

    As usual, a great suggestion. I have done this many times with newer beeks. Quite humbling when they see all those mites on the drone pupae. Photos another option, not quite the same, but can help...
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    Re: Bee School Quandry

    Consider having a 2 hour summer class as a follow up. Fall Management. We try to do that too most years- generally we will have it by mid August. We cover mite sampling and treatment. We also send...
  23. Re: Growing degree days calculations for silver maple.

    Would you share a few years of red maple bloom dates?
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    Re: Bee School Quandry

    Then teach IPM. That's what we do.
    We have a 7 week class. One class is pests and diseases. The next week that is followed up with an overview of IPM, multiple sampling techniques and multiple...
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    Re: Requeening package bees

    I think it is easy to misinterpret email, blogs, forums, and the like. I believe the intentions in your post were telling folks not to kill and waste a queen as there are always folks who need one....
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