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  1. Re: Sizes: Commercial Lumber vs Traditional Lumber

    I have been using 1" rough cut cypress out of South Louisiana. I love the stuff and wish I didn't have to drive 450 miles to find more at a decent price.
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    Re: Honey flow and drawing comb - question

    I am using Rite Cell from Mann Lake.

    All of my boxes are 8 frame mediums, so I can move frames around more if that will help.
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    Honey flow and drawing comb - question

    I live in the South Texas brush country. No guahillo, but plenty of other brush species, cactus, mesquite, lime prickly ash, granjeno, hackberry, brasil, ect. I have one hive. I have had it now, for...
  4. Re: Killing an Africanized hive but preserving the honey

    Twice Ive done colonies (in Hidalgo and Webb counties) that were 20 yards apart and like you described, one docile as can be, the other out for blood. I use a bee vac on both colonies, but for the...
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    Re: Africanized bees

    Cowhide or rubber gloves, no goat skin gloves. Full suit, like Mann Lake's vented that they cannot sting through. Pretty much good to go, oh and warn everyone within 3-600 yards.
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    Re: beekeeping HOA restrictions question

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  7. Re: Advice on buying hives... Here is the listing on Craigs list

    If it is a great deal, and you have a place away from your home yard you can house them for a while, you could always consider requesting with some hygienic stock next spring.
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    Re: First Cut Out - didn't go so great

    That sounds exactly like what happened. I didn't know that was possible. Unfortunately, I lost the bees, but the I did learn quite a bit, and know better how not to do it in the future.

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    First Cut Out - didn't go so great

    I did my first cu-out earlier this week, it was a small colony that had some africanized characteristics, but was very docile. The cut-out itself seemed to go great, the colony was above a door and...
  10. Re: Keeping bees in South Texas, requeening advice

    From where I am located, I would assume that I have full blown AHB. I think the AHB made it to my county more than 20 years ago and have become the norm. Most wild colonies I see in the area are in...
  11. Keeping bees in South Texas, requeening advice

    I live in deep South Texas, just a two hour drive from Hidalgo, the first city in the US to have Africanized bees. Currently I have one hive of Italians who are doing well. My question is, if for...
  12. Re: Protective Clothing Questions, Mann Lake Vented Suit

    I just got it in the other day, but have not had a chance to use it. I did just get the jacket and not the whole suit. I will say, that it looks to be very well constructed and I doubt I will see any...
  13. Re: Protective Clothing Questions, Mann Lake Vented Suit

    Thanks for the replies guys, seeing as the wind never stops blowing in South Texas, it looks like this is the way to go.
  14. Protective Clothing Questions, Mann Lake Vented Suit

    I have not yet started bee keeping, but intend to soon. I live in Deep South Texas, where today, the heat index is near 110. It will only get hotter over the coming months, and temperature is always...
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