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    Re: Can't they all just get along?

    Yes, leaving the lid off of any hive will make the workers all come home and stay for a while. Shaking a frame of bees back in will help set off the Nasonoving that causes this. Doing it on a...
  2. Re: Any studies on OAV's affect on queen health?

    And, yes, I was referring to vaporized and not dribbled. I don't know anything at present about dribbled OA and queen longevity but it shortens the lives of the workers so it would not be surprising...
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    Re: Marked my first Queen today

    Thats why you mark them with NEXT year's color. None of your queens are marked that color. And in a month they will be gone anyway.
  4. Re: 2:1 Sugar syrup - bees not taking a drop

    >I don't think the OP is probably having issues with keeping his syrup warm...

    Perhaps not right now in Texas. But it is the most common cause of a drop off in taking syrup in the fall, and this...
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    Belief in Beekeeping

    "If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right"--Henry Ford

    How does belief influence success?
    As soon as you talk about belief affecting results, there is an assumption by some that...
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    Space Management

    Space Management

    Important Concept
    This may be the hardest and perhaps one of the most important concepts to grasp in beekeeping. Having the ideal amount of space is a tricky thing to manage but...
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    Re: Marked my first Queen today

    Marking a thousand drones with next year's color, gives you a LOT of confidence. The queen is the same fragility and the same speed... If you don't want to do that, then get a queen muff, a hair...
  8. Re: Any studies on OAV's affect on queen health?

    >It has been suggested that treating for mites causes the queen's health and longevity to deteriorate.

    Only in the case of lipophilic insecticides that are being used as acaracides. They build...
  9. Re: 2:1 Sugar syrup - bees not taking a drop

    >I KNEW there was a good reason I put an electrical outlet out in the apiary!

    I'm not sure how that would help. I dump the syrup back in a container, take it to the house, heat it on the stove...
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    Re: Bees taking cracked corn back to hive

    When I see that I feed pollen. They must be desperate for pollen to gather such a poor substitute and I want a good batch of young bees going into winter...
  11. Thread: Bearding

    by Michael Bush

    Re: Bearding

    You probably pulled the supers and there isn't enough room now.
  12. Re: 2:1 Sugar syrup - bees not taking a drop

    If you warm the syrup once a day they will take much more of it when the weather is cool...
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    Re: I can't see out of my veil!

    > I feel like I should be wearing a flashlight on my head to see the eggs.

    I never go to the beeyard without a flashlight.
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    Re: Research Ideas


    Research questions for European Honey Bees:
    (note, all of these could be expanded to include differences in various European races but would probably be most useful on common...
  15. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    >Not really, they look great.

    You so disappointed a lot of "I told you so"s
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    Re: Is it too late to combine hives.

    I'm not in NC so I can't say how much time you have left. It's getting late here, but you probably have more time than I do before winter. Why not feed and see where they are when the nights are...
  17. Re: Can bees truly survive with zero interventions?

    >I have been researching treatment free bee keeping and have come to the conclusion that hives cannot survive without some form of interventions.

    There are an awful lot of us doing it for it to...
  18. Re: Which mite treatment kills mites in brood cells?

    >Any chemical that can go through cappings and kill mites scares the heck out of me.

    Me too. Queenlessness this time of year is nothing to sneeze at either...

    Sevareid's Law: "The leading...
  19. Re: Fall forage - anything besides goldenrod and asters?

    Chicory is still blooming here. Goldenrod and asters as well but the chicory will outlast them. Smartweed. Some things were blooming but have quit now, such as the milkweed.
  20. Re: Crystallization of Stored Frames: How Soon at Room Temp?

    The fastest crystallization takes place at 57 F.
  21. Re: My Bees Are So Quiet! Is This Normal???

    The colder it is, the quieter they get... but the big transition is at about 50 F or so...
  22. Re: Natural Farming practices insure Bees survival and possibly ours.

    >I'd be sure to learn more that Oops that's Canadian...

    Or North Dakotan...

    > That's a rule, a law. "Solutions create problems".

    Sevareid's Law: "The leading cause of problems is...
  23. Sticky: Re: Diseases in Beekeeping; How to Identify and What They Look Like-Your Experince Wa

    Lots of pictures here:
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    Re: Turning my hive

    Turning a hive 45 degrees at a time they will instantly find the entrance. Turning 90 degrees at a time they will quickly find the entrance. Turning it 180 degrees it will take them about a day to...
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    Re: What Router bit to avoid disaster?

    I've used something like this in a similar position:
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