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  1. Re: First Hive split. Wondering what to do next...

    When you made the split, did you give them a queen or are you hoping they raise one?

    If you gave them a queen, then there should be lots of eggs and capped brood by now.

    If the split has to...
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    Re: Splitting hives to overwinter

    I'm finding that my really big hives have trouble surviving and the nucs I make in early August manage to do quite well. I have let them raise their own queens and they tend to build up to a 5 over 5...
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    Re: Extraction fail any tips

    As mentioned, definitely start slow and remove the honey from one side, reverse the frames and then slowly remove it from the new side. Keep reversing the frames and increasing speed. Honey is very...
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    Re: East Bay, CA Summer expectations

    I have not kept bees through a drought like this one and I'm not sure about the bay area or where exactly you are. I suspect there is still forage for the bees but could be entirely off base - so,...
  5. Re: Question re alternative entrance position for M. Palmer-style double nuc boxes

    I have also placed two nucs together with both entrances on the front -- as others suggested, have the entrances on opposite corners. Worked quite well. Then in the spring, start facing the nucs in...
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    Re: Double nuc, what am I missing?


    You want to be able to examine each side without risking the queen from one side getting to the other- you can only do that if you have nuc boxes on top of the larger divided bottom hive...
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    Re: Question about queen cell/drone cells?

    NorcalKyle -

    Sounds like you are a beginner which is great. Not sure where you live in Sonoma County or what type of classes or meetings you have attended.

    Not sure if you know this or not,...
  8. Re: who else supplies frames designed for foundationless use.

    Woodlyn Brand Beekeeping supplies in Northern California. I know he will make them with narrower end pieces also.
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    Re: Capped queen cells

    Perhaps the swarm is trying to supercede the queen. If the queen that left with the swarm is the "old" queen, then perhaps she is just that - old, and running out of gas. You have the choice of...
  10. Re: Using 8 frame mediums on top of 10 fram deep brood boxes....

    I've used a piece of plywood large enough to cover the 10 frame box but with a hole cut out of the center that is large enough for an 8 frame box to fit over. There are various ways to do it.
  11. Thread: Split advice

    by orthoman

    Re: Split advice

    I have moved the queen with some brood and some honey frames and drawn comb or foundation, into a box above a queen excluder on the hive I was going to split -- left them there for several hours and...
  12. Re: Laying worker successfully coexist with a viable queen?

    Good and interesting question.

    I believe that I have read - not sure where - that every hive has some (a few) laying workers. They are just too few to be a problem and the hive somehow deals...
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    Re: Who Re-Queens After the Summer Solstice?

    Yeah, I see you point. However, I don't recall any claims of inferior vs superior quality to any of the queens. As I recall, the assertion is that post solstice queens lay longer into the fall --...
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    Re: Who Re-Queens After the Summer Solstice?

    I have been reading the OTS method of queen rearing and his theory is that that post solstice queens keep up production longer. I don't know if it is fact or not but I would like to believe it. I...
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    Re: Did research, and now I'm really confuzzled

    Not promoting Mann Lake per se; however, Napa isn't very far from Woodland, CA where Mann Lake has a really nice store/show room. Why not take a drive over there and look at everything - pick it up,...
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    Re: Timing of a split, when is it best?

    I have not read about, or watched any videos about the On The Spot Queen Raising technique of splitting hives you might want to google it and spend some time learning that particular method. Also,...
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    Re: D Coates Nuc box

    I also overwintered several in the Coates nuc boxes and plan to do more this year. However, I have made some modifications. I built medium, 5 frame, boxes out of 3/4 plywood so I had to adjust the...
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    Re: Hive paint question

    I don't think the color matters that much - especially for just a few hives. The bees seem to know right where to go. Some will drift but not many. I think the paint - not the color - is used...
  19. Thread: ABJ Update

    by orthoman

    Re: ABJ Update

    Thanks for the link - I read it and thought it was OK
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    Re: Mowing, Dogs and bees

    My hives are in the back yard and pose no problems. I typically "weed wack" and mow (gas powered riding mower) every week. I probably mow within 4 to 6 feet of the hive entrances and in 3 years have...
  21. Re: Controlling Pests on Young Apple trees in my Apiary

    Where I live, if a fungicide is not used, there will be lots of apple scab -- the apples themselves are OK but they look terrible. So, 4 or 5 applications of a fungicide like Rally until the apples...
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    Re: New Beekeeper Questions

    Not sure what kind of Nuc you are getting but I am assuming there is a laying queen and at least 3 - 4 frames of brood and some honey. Also not sure what size boxes (8 or 10 frames, mediums, etc you...
  23. Re: Over wintered frames with old honey and pollen- to use or not?

    Thank you
  24. Over wintered frames with old honey and pollen- to use or not?

    What is the recommendation regarding frames that were overwintered in beeless hives. I have lots of comb that have some old patches of honey in them as well as Pollen. Some kind of smells like it...
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    Re: Coates Nuc question

    Well, I kind of live in rain forest in normal years. This year hasn't been too bad.

    The Nuc boxes and tops are all painted - first with primmer and second with a least one coat of exterior latex
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