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    Re: Using deep frames in 2 medium boxes?

    When doing this, how do you transition off of the deep frames or are you stuck forever with 5 deep frames in your double mediums?
  2. Thread: Top entrance

    by JeffM17

    Re: Top entrance

    TreeWinder, have you ever had the bees build comb in the 3" section?

    What if you just build a 3/8" high frame and used it beneath a super then with your inner cover and telescoping lid? Would the...
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    Re: Need to make mediums into deeps

    You want to join two boards together to make one wider board. You will need either a biscuit cutter, or doweling jig along with wood glue.

    With a biscuit cutter, you cut small groves into the...
  4. Re: 8 frame Mann Lake mediums- what do you do about the extra space?

    I have the same questions for my new 8 frame Mann Lake boxes. I can easily fit without shaving a 9th frame, however I worry about what happens once the bees start to draw out the frames, will there...
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    Re: Is theft a large problem?

    Man how long does it take to brand an entire hive and how do you get them to stay still for the branding? :p
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    Re: catching swarms

    Well on one hand they take the time to catch the swarm, build or buy a nuc or package box, if they do not need the bees then sell them. Its probably better for the swarm to be in some keeprs hive...
  7. Re: Urban backyard bee keeping 1/4 arce lot canit be done?

    Do you then sell off / give away the nuc once it gets established? Or perhaps you find other people / places that will allow you to place a hive.

    A midnight clandestine hive setup in your...
  8. Urban backyard bee keeping 1/4 arce lot canit be done?

    Just wondering, DW would like to put a hive in the back yard sometime next spring. We are in an urban settings with a 1/4 acre lot, wondering if this can really be done. Legally we are allowed one...
  9. Thread: Which Veil

    by JeffM17

    Which Veil

    Hello my wife and I are just starting out, wont have a hive for a while, but want to get a veil for when we go visit other bee keeper hives to learn. There seems to be a few choices from various...
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