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  1. late summer brood box swap and drawn comb

    Hello all.

    I have a couple of questions, hence the 'dual' title and hope there's some good advice :) out there...

    My hives are doing well now in SC and I've already pulled my honey. Not as...
  2. Thread: Hydrangeas

    by seapro220

    Re: Hydrangeas

    Hopefully some of this information will help ..
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    Re: top, middle, or bottom entrances

    Thanks for all the advice. I'll try top hive entrances and see how well they do - or how well I seem to handle them. Ha Ha.

    I was worried about a couple of things, but think I got all the...
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    Re: top, middle, or bottom entrances

    Have you been 'in production' with this or just getting started with this method? I think that the existing bees will be able to remove any dead one's and do their normal 'clean out' without any...
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    top, middle, or bottom entrances

    Hello all.

    I started last year and have managed to overwinter 3 out of 4 hives. I've made most of my boxes and 'succumbed' to the bottom entrances and they've worked w/o any issues. I only use...
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    first overwinter and feeding thoughts -

    Hello all,

    As a new beek I've managed to keep 3 out of 4 hives alive all winter and feel good about that. I lost 1 due to the small cluster and below 20 weather. I ordered some MegaBee and...
  7. Re: I need advice on how many brood boxes where i live and any more advice.

    I'm still new with this being my 2nd year - but I'm going to be using 2 deeps here in SC. I tried to do this last year, but had so much trouble with SBH that I had to combine to keep from loosing 2...
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    Re: Get a swarm or get a nuc/package

    I haven't had a chance catch any swarms as I was able to keep mine from swarming last year, but am looking forward to that chance. weird, ??? With the almost inevitable 30% loss of hives yearly,...
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    Re: Starting a new package

    I agree. Feed Feed.

    One thing I learned whenever starting packages and from reading is that you never know what is in the package - nurse bees, 'flyers', guard bees .. .?? With the life...
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    Re: Overwintering and surplus concerns ?

    Thanks r_hayden for your comments, and it seems like others are in the same 'state of mind' as me, being new beeks.

    I've been reading some more and think it's important to have 3-4 frames of...
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    Overwintering and surplus concerns ?

    Hello all.
    This is my first over winter and so far I have managed to maintain my 3 out of 4 hives - and feel fortunate about that. I've spot checked the 3 hives over the last couple of weeks...
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    Re: february panic

    I'm sure Michael Bush can comment better, but from what I've read if you keep double deeps (?) for brood and wintering, then at some time in the spring, you'll need to reverse the boxes so that the...
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    Re: How level must a hive be?

    You can also help to guide the frames by adding the foundationless frames between frames that are already drawn out also. I started using all 'new foundation' and then quickly switched to using...
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    Re: Bee-Pro® Pollen Substitute

    Not sure this totally applies to your mixtures, but from what i've seen on several other postings, if you keep your sugar water temp at 235 degrees instead of the usual 242 the product seems to stay...
  15. Re: Hiving a new package to a nuc, or full box ?

    great - sounds like a plan. If I remember correctly, 'nurse' bees are 'nurse bees' and can be taken along with the brood - from different hives so I'll give them a little shake, to remove the...
  16. Re: Hiving a new package to a nuc, or full box ?

    thanks for all the valuable information -does this plan seem to make sense ?

    1. new package - into a deep brood box, with 4 or 5 frames of drawn comb into it (as this is probably only enough...
  17. Re: Hey there you guys! I am from Columbia, SC!

    Welcome from Blythewood, which is about 20 miles north of you. I also attended the mtg last Tuesday and am glad the first presentation didn't scare you off. It was good information, but possibly...
  18. Re: Question about "Bond" in Hive Beetle Land

    I lost 3 splits, 1 full deep hive, and almost a 3-deep hive to SHB last year. I shook the frames over some oil and left the rest to the bees. after a couple of hours, i put the frames into my...
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    Re: Hello from the Low Country, SC

    Hello from Blythewood, about 20 miles north of Columbia. Go Clemson !!!
  20. Re: Hiving a new package to a nuc, or full box ?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I'll reserve my nucs for splits then and hive the new package in a fully drawn deep box. By looking at some of the frames, they'll have plenty to do for a...
  21. Re: Questions on the use 10 frame deep swarm trap

    I know there must be hundreds of thoughts on this, but where's the best location to put a swarm box? I've heard 8-12' off the ground, in 'special or certain' trees - as well as many other...
  22. Hiving a new package to a nuc, or full box ?

    Hello all.
    I'm using 10 frame Lang style boxes for my bees. I have another package on order that I should in a few weeks. I started off last year with hiving my packages into new boxes and letting...
  23. Re: Combination of Langstroth & TBH - reality for possible future hives, or a disaste

    I'll query the other beeks at out monthly meeting next week, but if I recollect from previous discussion I'd have to say that about 80% of us here in SC run only screened bottom boards all year long,...
  24. Re: Combination of Lanstrum and TBH - a reality for possible future hives, or a disas

    Wow, and please play nice. Actually I enjoy the critizism and realize the context in which the information is pass along.

    Thanks MB for responding to each item individually as it makes it...
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    Re: Nuc hive questions

    Vance -
    I checked out the site, and thankfully my IE browser was able to translate the site so I could read other postings there. Did you read the article on double-nucs and how he uses them with...
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