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  1. Re: All queen cells capped, roller cages on, queens ready to hatch any day, now what?

    Nice job! I found out the hard way how important those robber screens are for the nucs. A few weeks ago I did my first "grafting" (cell punch) and had 4 beautiful cells out of 11. I set up my 2...
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    Re: Grafting techniques

    My one and only attempts at grafting, at a queen rearing class a few months ago, I had the same problem. I never tried again. I went with punch cell for the first time a week ago. I have 4 lovely...
  3. Re: Had a little storm blow through my property Saturday...

    I had the same thing a few years back and it took a couple weeks for the bees to settle down.
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    Re: Would you dare?

    This makes sense.
    Astrobee, no specific issue as far as using a cage and I will use one as the queen I'm pulling is from my best backyard hive. That's why it's my starter hive. The hive she's going...
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    Would you dare?

    This was briefly mentioned at the queen rearing class I went to in May:
    Take a laying queen from one hive--do not cage her--and direct release into a queenless hive and she will be accepted...
  6. Re: room temperature while making queen reaaring frame?

    All great advice, thank you. I will set ac at 84 or 85 and keep the damp rags ready. I thought about doing it in the garage but the lighting is not great as I would leave the door shut.
    This is...
  7. room temperature while making queen reaaring frame?

    The meleleuka started blooming this week and I want to do my first starter hive using cell punch method on Sunday. This is my first attempt so I need time for the process. I plan to bring the frame...
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    Re: capping spinner

    I have an extra extractor, 2 frame manual Jr Bench that I have wanted to use as a capping spinner. I want to try something like this next harvest--cappings in a filter bag and suspend in the basket...
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    Re: What is "cosmetic grade" beeswax

    I love this part: "Young bees in the hive, after feeding the young brood with royal jelly, take part in the construction of the hive. Engorged with honey and resting suspended for 24 hours together...
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    Re: Need Advice On Creaming Honey.....

    I got a small wine cooler off craigslist pretty reasonable. I'm still hit and miss on getting creamed honey to set up solid. I tried the veggie drawer in fridge, still difficult to get it solid. I...
  11. another news story about bee loss

    I am from Wisconsin so this caught my eye. The loss for Florida the past winter/spring is 50%, I heard. I lost more in the past 5 months than I ever have in my 6 years of beekeeping. Counting the...
  12. Re: Moth balls for winter storage?????

    I just bought a small enclosed trailer that I want to use for storing supers, among other things. I might try #2 from the following article:
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    Re: CNN botches it again

    I saw the story on yesterday. I enjoyed the details they put into it:
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    Re: What's the guarantee on a new queen?

    [QUOTE=FlowerPlanter;1425560] Most of the time spotty brood is not the queen. QUOTE]

    What other reasons?
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    Re: Queen Mess

    I requeened 5 hives in the last few days. I waited 30-60 minutes and the queens are in jzbz cages. After I remove the queen and wait 30 min, I lay cage on top to see how bees react. The bees come to...
  16. Re: Can I introduce a new Queen to transient bees?

    Possibly they came with virgin queens (after swarms are small) which would explain why you didn't see brood the first time you looked. I'd give it a little time because if there is a queen and then...
  17. Re: Beekeeper made the news..., in a good way!

    Awesome news story! Did you move the stand from Jefferson rd? (ok, now I see you did move it post #14).

    Are you seeing any swarms yet? My friend has a couple bait boxes out, one in Lee's Summit...
  18. Re: Can I introduce a new Queen to transient bees?

    Do the bees stay in there at night? Collect pollen and nectar during the day?
  19. Re: Need advice to help fellow beekeeper in ICU - queens shipped w/o attendants

    The queens I bought shown in pic in my first post, the caps to the jzbz cages are part of the outer box. The candy plug area of the cage fits snuggly into the bottom form of the outer red box. It's...
  20. Re: Need advice to help fellow beekeeper in ICU - queens shipped w/o attendants

    With the queens I got in battery box, the queen cages did not have caps. I don't know if that will be the situation for OP, but if they go into a bank as you describe, the cages must have caps,...
  21. Re: Need advice to help fellow beekeeper in ICU - queens shipped w/o attendants

    If the box looks like this I can tell you a few things:

    The attendants in this type will be loose, and the queens will be in...
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    Re: Grafting %

    I'm going to a class in mid May and they will have several to try out before I decide.
    Has anyone used one of these, and are they worth it? I have old eyes and any help I can get will be worth the...
  23. Re: They planted corn this week...some bees died

    When I logged in so I could see bentonbee's pics, there was an ad banner on the top of my screen for Syngenta. Not to hijack this thread but until just now I didn't know what Syngenta is...other than...
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    Re: Cannibalize in observation hive?

    I have a one frame obs hive that I used at some events over the past couple years where the same happened, except it was worker brood not drone. The first time it happened I had an education table at...
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    Popular Science article

    Sorry if this is a repeat...and it's about the bumble bee, with obvious benefits to honeybees if this process continues to show promise. The you tube video is where the most interesting info is. One...
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