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    Re: Swarm traps - how do you attach them?

    I do something similar to homesteader.with a one by 6 board not as long as the one in his picture.bolted onto an eight or ten frame box. It could be screwed on but they tend to loosen overtime with...
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    Re: When to split (Wisconsin)

    From hives I have seen in se wi, drones are just getting started to be born/fly. If you are counting on making your own queens you will probably just have ok drone populations if u split now but...
  3. Re: Well I did everything right and they still swarmed...

    So a super with fully drawn frames. nice that you have decent enough weather to support swarms. Still feels like late winter here is WI. Not even worrying about getting swarm traps up yet.
  4. Re: Well I did everything right and they still swarmed...

    What is a "blow out super"?
  5. Re: Picking up packages with public transit.........

    I like the idea of taking them on the train. If there weren't stragglers on the outside I would say it is a non issue & a lot of people would be fascinated. But, stragglers are the norm & with...
  6. Re: If there is royal jelly in a queen cup, is there always a larva?

    Or it could be a drone egg in that "queen cell". Have had that happen often enough in a laying worker hive where eventually they seem to get desperate and make a queen cell that is just housing a...
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    Re: securing a publicly accessible hive

    Answering my own question, I see they do make lockable ratchet straps, that is probably just the ticket. I have ratcheted down many hives to either secure them or move them, so I know that works...
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    securing a publicly accessible hive

    Just wondering about options for securing a hive that will be in a publicly accessible area on the campus of a University.

    My only real concern is someone toppling the hive just for kicks.

  9. Thread: Bait hive

    by tandemrx

    Re: Bait hive

    If you want expanded reading, get the book Honey bee democracy by the same author of that article (Tom Seeley). It not only has all the info about idea bait hive conditions, but everything you ever...
  10. removing a swarm that settled in a tall stack of OLD hive bodies/frames

    Just in the consideration period and trying to figure out how I will go about this - so other's thoughts would be appreciated.

    Swarm left a hive out at a CSA where I am helping the young farmers...
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    Re: Bees on Lilacs?

    I have lilacs all around my bee yards and rarely see a honeybee on them. Every once in a while I will see a couple bees investigating or collecting some nectar, but it is awfully rare (and...
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    Re: Swarm Catching

    Always the option too of spending 15-20 minutes observing the cluster (if you can get close easily) and looking for the queen walking around and nabbing her with a queen catcher, then hanging queen...
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    Re: Need Observation Hive Plans for 8-Frame

    interested in why you want 8-frame observation hive (just curious, not critical) for a lab (what kind of lab)?

    I have a draper bee 3.5 frame and even that is unwieldy. Plus is seems like you...
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    Re: anyone making splits in the north

    If Wisconsin info is any help (very southern) . . . Had one local beekeeper already have a swarm, I almost didn't believe him because temps have gotten pretty cold again, but he caught it, so hard to...
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    Re: Removing label glue from jars

    In Wisconsin anyway, the Dept of Agriculture, Food Safety Division requires that all honey sold is packaged in new containers (whether you require a license as retailer or food processor or not . . ....
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    Re: Refractometers

    I got mine on ebay and am pleased with it. It wasn't probably the cheapest available on ebay, but less expensive than I could get at the stores.
  17. Re: midwinter gadget to know if your bees are alive

    I also use a stethoscope and it even works quite well through the 1.5 inch foam insulation I use on the hives (maybe less well on a windy day, but if it isn't crazy windy the stethoscope works well -...
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    Re: Swarm Boxes - Do They Stay Up Year Round

    I was'nt planning to, but I left 2 of my swarm traps out from last spring until yesterday when I took one down just to check on it. I had one old drawn comb in this box along with 9 undrawn...
  19. Re: how long to clean up after extracting? video?


    (1), I will bypass your rude comments about my wife (uncalled for :s - she is not paranoid and is a brilliant scientist). (2), as I stated, I don't apply high pressure wash on the single...
  20. Re: how long to clean up after extracting? video?

    At least on my extractor, the motor is separate from the extractor, so it never sees water. There is one sealed bearing on the cage that holds the frames, but that is on the top side of the lid and...
  21. Re: how long to clean up after extracting? video?

    I also use the "throw it all in the pick up and go to the car wash method". It is the quickest method for me, but also agree that I expect to get wet when doing this from the "blow-back". I don't...
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    Re: Another one gone . . .

    I also lost a strong hive - quite apparently from robbing. It was a good looking hive in the fall with decent stores. State inspector even gave it an "A" less than a week before it started getting...
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    Re: found hive while hunting!!!

    really enjoyed this post - great save. Did you see any eggs/larvae in the comb as you put it into the hive? (she may have quit laying even in your southern locale, so maybe that is no help)
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    Re: 2" Plastic entrance disks from Kelley

    on the metal ones, can bees fit through the slatted holes or is that just a vent hole.

    I like the idea of these and made one similar for my swarm trap boxes (I put my boxes up high in a tree and...
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    Re: Crystallization

    not sure if this article has been posted before, but i think it is a nice primer on crystallization 728

    hopefully i got the file to attach
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