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  1. Re: Oxalic Sublimation safest and most effective

    I must agree that lung and eye protection are necessary when using Oxalic Acid.
  2. Oxalic Sublimation safest and most effective

    Study results just released:
  3. Re: OA Respirator/ adding extension to varrox.

    If the "acid" goggles have ventilation holes don't bother. The thing that you are trying to protect yourself from is a gas/vapor. If you want to protect your eyes, and you should, you need to not...
  4. Re: OA Respirator/ adding extension to varrox.

    It is just as important to protect your eyes while doing OA vaporization. Oxalic Acid can cause eye burns and irritation of mucous membranes. If you get a mask, get one that is full face: ...
  5. What to do with queenless hive equipment?

    One of my hives is now queenless and I doubt that I can fix it before winter. I took the capped honey and put it in my queen right hive. What should I do with the boxes and frames in my queenless...
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    Re: Grafting with aging eyes

    Both light and magnification are important. I would recommend a head mounted magnifying loupe with illumination. As an example: ...
  7. Thread: cataracts

    by mitchgobears

    Re: cataracts

    Honey may have anti microbial properties and possibly help with bacterial eye infections, BUT a cataract is a permanent change in the proteins of the lens inside the eye. When these proteins change...
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    Re: Can anyone identify what this is?

    Bacillus thuringiensis -
  9. Queenless and leaving on vacation...........

    I have two hives and both made it through the winter.

    I have one hive that is queenless without eggs or larvae now for two weeks. It is FULL of bees and there were at least 3 queen cells. One was...
  10. Not much capped brood and no eggs or larva....

    In one of my over wintered hives today, I had only a few capped brood and found no larvae. There was a lot of bees and a few queen cells in the middle of a frame. With all the bees and honey I...
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    Dead bee sting?

    Is it possible to be stung if you step on a dead bee barefoot? :scratch:
    (Just curious)
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    Re: Goggles for OAV

    As a practicing physician, I believe that it would be foolish to not use protection that covers your eyes, nose and mouth. This is what I use: ...
  13. Re: Do you drive an electrric car..if so do you like it

    Where I live (Utah), most of our electricity is generated by coal burning. It may seem more environmentally friendly, but with all the coal burning and the toxic chemicals in the batteries, I don't...
  14. Re: Do you drive an electrric car..if so do you like it

    E-spice, your ratios were incorrect: it should read gal/mi.
  15. Re: Do you drive an electrric car..if so do you like it

    Cg3 - Yes heat, AC, fan and radio all will put a drain on your battery. Unfortunately, I found that out first hand when in rented an electric vehicl in Denmark. It is very easy to become stranded...
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    Re: What respirator to use for OAV?

    Chrisbex, I use and recommend the exact same cartridge. Just remember to replace then at the correct interval.
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    Re: What respirator to use for OAV?

    OAV is harmful to mucus membranes which includes EYES! As an eye doctor I will tell you that if you are only interested in protecting your lungs, you are putting yourself at risk. You should use a...
  18. Re: Electrical help: Using car battery charger as power supply for OAV.

    I just use my battery car jump starter (example: You...
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    Re: Considering switching to Oxalic Acid

    A "respirator" may not be adequate. Oxalic acid is a problem for mucous membranes: eyes, nose, mouth, lungs. You should be using a full face mask with a cartridge rated for organic vapors. This...
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    Re: How much to harvest?

    I'm in Salt Lake, but not running a top bar hive. I would suggest you ask your question on two Facebook groups: Wasatch Beekeeping Association and The Art of Beekeeping in Utah. Either group will...
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    Re: Savogran - Oxalic Acid - on Sale

    How about 2 pounds for $10.50 with free shipping? :thumbsup:

    (I just feel...
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    Re: Savogran - Oxalic Acid - on Sale

    It is just as inexpensive on Amazon.
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    Re: Savogran - Oxalic Acid - on Sale

    It's not available in Utah. When I called all the stores, I was told they didn't carry it. One store even told me "it had been discontinued". When I told the gal about the listing on their website...
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    Re: Bee Shield

    As my mother always told me, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".
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    Re: Fire adjacent to bees

    I actually thought it could be my smoker, but my smoker wasn't there and hadn't been there. It's been hosed down extra- thoroughly. Unfortunately, that part of my property is adjacent to the one...
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