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    Re: Solid bottom or screened?

    Not at all, I still have a few and will probably always have some, but use the standard Lang for the bulk of my apiary. Not saying the langs are better, I just don't have the time to build everything...
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    Re: Solid bottom or screened?

    JMO, I think the removable tray may help, if you only have a few hives as a hobby, but when the "bee bug" gets hold of you and you wake up one morning with a yard full of hives, you will drop the...
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    Re: Solid bottom or screened?

    I'm in coastal Ga. which would be about the same weather and humidity conditions as you. I have a #8 screen on a third of the bottom area in the middle (about six to eight inches wide) I use a top...
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    Re: 2 spring packages in April

    ditto buddey99--survivor bees are the ticket to a successful apiary. Five frame deeps are good for starting a colony, but they will be in trees if not watched closely.
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    Re: Quick Deep Divider to Make 2 Nucs

    I do the same, but have learned to use these for the queen-right half of my equal splits, because when I let them make their own queen I usually only get one side with a queen.
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    Re: Full Langstroth or leave alone???

    I have some in the same configuration, I wait until mine are crowded, then I will either place another nuc super on or transfer to a ten frame, but I will not move a moderately populated double nuc...
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    Re: Yellowjacket success!

    They look like hornets to me. I accidently found a way to destroy the yellow jackets. In the winter when temperatures get above forty degrees in the morning the yellow jackets feed before the bees...
  8. Re: How to be competitive when the competition iis priced too low?

    I sell mine for 10.00 for a pint, my sister sells it for 8.00 for a pound jar. An old time beek sells at all the markets for 9.00 per pint. A great marketer in nearby savannah sells thousands of jars...
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    Re: Bees are an infestation.

    Just say " guess you'll have to write me a citation " and watch them scratch their head, wondering what code to charge you with. They'll most likely go away and leave you alone. If they threaten to...
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    Re: Feral open hive

    There was a feral hive living on a palm tree in Savannah for about three years, they would do just what they do in a box, rotate positions from inside to outside and from outside to inside to keep...
  11. Re: how do you not smash bees when putting hive bodies/supers back in place?

    Sorry" should have mentioned that I seldom handle full supers, I will have another clean box where I place half the frames, then I pry the super loose, remove it and clean the top of the next box, I...
  12. Re: how do you not smash bees when putting hive bodies/supers back in place?

    A little smoke, use your brush, then slide the box in place from one end to the other so they will have a chance to move out of the way, instead of just sitting it on top.
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    Re: should cypress wood be painted or not

    I agree with MC, I can't tell any longevity difference between pine and the young cypress available today, both need painting every couple of years. The repainting will save you a lot of money in the...
  14. Re: Organic Apiculture Practice Standard, NOP-12-0063

    In my opinion they are discussing something that does not actually exist, except in some remote areas outside of North America.
  15. Re: Do corn fields offer much good pollen for our bees?

    Regular field corn doesn't attract bees very much, but the silver queen corn does attract them. My silver queen is always loaded with bees collecting the pollen. I've read that corn pollen is not...
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    Re: General Hive Inspection Questions

    Why would you move it ? What you describe is a typical brood frame, they will use up the stores raising brood. After the brood has emerged they will most likely fill the empty combs with honey and...
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    Re: Bees Not Gathering Pollen

    each strain of bees react differently to a given situation. I have mostly bees that came from survivors that I trapped, some are hard to "convince" to go into the expansion phase in the dearth...
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    Re: Partridge Pea

    We have a lot of partridge pea here this year. I have read that honey bees get nectar and pollen from it, but have never seen a bee on the flower, I have seen bees on the plant with bright red...
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    Re: Advice for Urban Ordinance Change

    Why not ask your neighbors if they have a problem with you keeping bees, because even if you are technically wrong, no one is going to enforce it until someone complains. If they do have a problem or...
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    Re: Autoimmune arthritis

    Sounds great, good luck.
  21. Re: Question/advice on possible 2nd queen loss

    It is more than possible, it is the normal outcome of adding a mated queen to a colony that already has one. She most likely lasted about five minutes. Adding a virgin queen would most likely end in...
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    Re: New guy from GA

    Welcome Tchap.
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    Re: What I've Learned My 1st Year

    Great post, and you learn fast. A state bee inspector asked me how much I knew about bees and I said, I was an expert after the first year, after four I was completely ignorant, after six I started...
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    Re: Queenless roar...with a laying queen

    That's interesting JMoore, I once split a hive and that evening I saw a swarm (not from my apiary) light in the top of a tree, and within minutes they streamed into the queenless half of the split,...
  25. Re: Bottom box kinda sparce, reverse in the summer?

    As stated, it is a normal hive configuration for this time of year, I would not reverse boxes.
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