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  1. have a customer looking for 2,000 lbs of beeswax

    I am almost out of beeswax and have a customer that is looking for 2,000 lbs of beeswax (350 lbs a month). Would prefer filtered, but possibly open to filtering himself if need be. In Utah area. ...
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    Re: Shipping Glass jars

    When I have shipped honey I usually put 2 plastic bags (1 inside the other) in the box; do all the padding, etc and then seal up the plastic --that way if by chance there is breakage a little less...
  3. expanding beeswax website to include other beekeepers that have beeswax to sell

    Looking for advice and for other beekeepers that sell beeswax.

    Would beekeepers be willing to pay $10 - $25 a year to have their beeswax listed?

    Brief background. My husband had bees for 40...
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    Hello from Minnesota

    My husband had bees for 40 years until he retired from beekeeping. I have been selling beeswax online for 10+ years and am thinking about gearing my site more as a listing of individual beekeepers...
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