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    Re: wildflower and clover seed bulk

    Try Somerset Grain and Feed in Bernardville NJ... Also has lot of bulk seed.
  2. Not sure what Happened! And could use some insight

    Hi all,

    I have been keeping bees for 7 years now and I have never seen this before. I hope someone can shed some light on the problem.

    Background info:
    This is a second year hive, in two ten...
  3. Re: Well, it is winter and I have a mouse in my hive!

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I am going to try the box mouse trap method and hope for the best. We also have a 50 degree day coming up so, maybe I will get lucky.
  4. Well, it is winter and I have a mouse in my hive!

    Hi all,
    I can still here the bees humming, but I see cappings and grass around in the entrance of the hive. The hive is one deep tall. Any thoughts on what I can do? Wait for warm day? Trap out with...
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    What to do scenario

    Hi all, So I recently had a situation where I lost a hive I made. I want to learn from my mistake. I had a virgin queen a in 10 frame deep box with about a two frames of bees. (I know to much room...
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    Re: Hello from New Jersey

    Very cool, how are things going for you this year?
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    Hello from New Jersey

    Hi all,
    I have been keeping bees for 5 years now with great success. I started with two hives and just this year I am now up to 13 with 5 of them from my own stock. I practice chemical free...
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