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    Re: A Question for TBH Experts

    I live just a few miles from mike bush and have tbhs myself so long as you have enough stores there should never be a problem over wintering bees. Cold does not kill them to much condensation in the...
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    Re: 20 frame extractor

    The 1400pl is a great machine I have one and can honestly say that I know I made the right choice. It is simple to use and easy to clean and very well made. If i ever up grade it will be a bigger...
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    Thanks beesource

    Thought I would say thank you to beesource. I received a swarm call Friday and the lady had found me through this site. Her husband is allergic so they were happy to see them leave. it was about 20...
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    Re: Update on hab

    My deepest sympathy goes out to you. There is a old beekeeping tradition of going out to the bees and telling them there keeper has passed if he still had bees im sure he would like this.
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    my first solo cut out

    Went and did my first solo cut out friday. And in the process became kind of a science lesson. The structure which was an old barn type structure 50+ years old had bees in it from almost day one of...
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    Re: Hive gone after 1 week!

    are you sure they left I ask because I hived 3 new packages this year and two of them drifted to the third till there was almost no bees in the other two. So now I have one boomming hive. I had two...
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    Re: What not to do while building nucs

    See now if you was Chuck Norris it would have just bounced off.:D
  8. Re: spotted the queen but there are queen cells

    Its pretty common these days to have a new queen with a package superceded most bee companys dont have time to make sure that they are doing there job of egg laying these days so there seems to be a...
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    Re: My swarm is bigger then your swarm !!!

    took my hives that were big enough to swarm this year and pulled frames of brood and put them in hives that were smaller to give them a little boost. Now you watch I probably will be chasing swarms...
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    Re: Grasshopper Epidemic

    the thing is they seem to come and go in cycles and if you try a total erradication program you always seem to kill a heck of alot insedental insects and animals right along with your target species....
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    Re: Culling drone brood

    I do not cull out my drone brood the way I see it every time you cut it out they have to expend time and effort to replace it and also the drones you need flying around to breed are not there. So now...
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    Re: Car tyre as hive stand?

    hey woodman nice stand but sure would hate to move it the blocks are heavy enough and the blocks are what I use
  13. Re: How Monsanto, Dow and the US Govt are planning to kill your bees

    Beenovice if we used are seed around here there would probably be a mutimillion dollar law suit because the seed here is under patents. In your country this might work fine and I think that its great...
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    Re: Car tyre as hive stand?

    concrete blocks work as well look around on craigslist or check with constuction companys that do tear down you can get them for free many timesand you can level them fairly easy
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    Re: Stung through a bee-suit

    yep there sting resistant not sting proof and if you wear gloves they can get you there to ussually through a seam as a beekeeper your going to get stung just a fact of life.
  16. Re: I would like to hear some pros and cons on the top entrance

    Pros: no skunks,do not seem to have condensation problems
    cons: have not really found any
  17. Re: Side-By-Side Split Questions? Is this correct?

    one thing you can do when you make the split is devide it in such away that most of the brood is in the top box and then put a queen excluder on and put the top box back on. A majority of nurse bees...
  18. Re: How Monsanto, Dow and the US Govt are planning to kill your bees

    I'm no conspiracy theorist but it has been very well documented that the chemical companies have created and sold many pestisides and herbicides over the years and claimed there were no adverse...
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    Re: Is this a good feeder?

    the top feeder from brushy mountain would be much better they are what I use after some trial and error with other types. I have not experianced drowning issues with them and they hold alot of syrup.
  20. Re: Attention Employers! Would you hire me if I...

    If you are retireing take a part time job and try to start a bee business of some sort. Good queens and nukes are always in demand a small beekeeping supply place is also an option. People love to...
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    Holes in bottle cap

    I found some soda bottles that are 3 liters and the bottle caps are standard plastic screw on. I have decided these will make good syrup bottles for nukes but am not sure how many holes or even size...
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    Re: Hive Painting

    Mine are what ever color was in the mistints at wal-mart and it seems there is no shortage of it. Either they are real bad at tinting paint or people have no clue as to what they really want. What...
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    Re: People, a top bar hive?

    I have worked commercially in bees when I was younger in California. I now live in Nebraska and keep bees in langs and TBHS they both have there pros and cons. And I could argue that one is better...
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    Re: Do Bees in Top Bars Swarm More Often?

    They have a tendency to get crowded in the brood nest easier because they some times limit there nest to only so many combs then they proceed to store honey on either side of the brood nest when...
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    Re: Beekeepers take action

    Even though I agree with the basic idea of what they are suggesting, no way would I align myself with the sierra club. At times they are way too radical and I believe have gone way too far, far too...
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