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  1. Re: Best Bee keeping disease/medication book?

    This is the best one I've seen in years. You can also order a pocket size version from Penn State Extension. OMTCW
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    Re: Brush, fume board, or bee escape?

    An escape board or bee escapes (either one) can cause problems if you have just one tiny opening that you didn't see. When you return to pick up the honey super, you can sometimes find a super...
  3. Re: How does it work in a hive in nature? Honey on top or bottom???

    Most queens but not all, seem reluctant to pass a wide honey barrier. This is how the beekeeper can avoid using queen excluders if he successfully allows the bees to create a wide enough honey...
  4. Re: Wet frames and cappings - preferred methods of giving back to the bees

    After extracting (Fall) put them on the hives and wait until the bees cluster in cold weather and then remove them, is one way. OMTCW
  5. Re: It's too complicated nowadays. What were the good ole' days like?

    Started in 1963. Bought complete hive with swarm = $25. Built up to 350 pollinating hives double deeps. Queens = $2.00 Many of the diseases and yes, mites were with us then but we just didn't...
  6. Re: How does it work in a hive in nature? Honey on top or bottom???

    I think it may have something to do with air currents among the frames. They place the honey above the brood due to the heat from the winter cluster rising upwards towards the honey and they move...
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    Re: Beekeeping and dementia

    Very interesting question and observation, Oldtimer. Have been a beekeeper over 53 years (350 hives - pollinator) and have not noticed dementia or alzheimers in any of my beekeeping colleagues over...
  8. Re: How should I go about getting a second hive?

    If you don't want a honey crop, you might also feed your present hive sugar syrup continuously to help them expand even faster. (They could consume it during your rainy season...) You might be...
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    Re: How do you get swarm calls?

    Send post cards that can easily be read by the police dispatchers. Tell them of your experience as well, as you may be competing with newer beekeepers. They will keep the postcard handy so that...
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    Re: Package Gone

    No need to get a new package. Order a new queen. Take half the bees out of hive #1 with the queen that they are accepting. Take them about 3 miles away for at least 3 weeks, (bees have a...
  11. Re: What to do with dead bees head down in comb?

    There is hope if you can shrink them down into a nuc size super and restrict the entrance (as already mentioned), put at least a two inch thick piece of Styrofoam on top cover and dribble a little...
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    Re: Cold snap coming NE, preparations?

    What everyone seems to be forgetting is that the brood area may be larger than the winter cluster can cover, ergo chilled brood. The skunks may have a delicious meal. I am not taking the chance,...
  13. Re: Need help figuring out what these bees were doing...Eastern Massachusetts

    It wouldn't do any harm to set up your empty hive with an entrance reducer as a swarm trap. Traps have to be "set" a few weeks before the swarm season. Place a baggie with cotton balls having...
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    Re: To buy foundation now or wait?

    Buy now and avoid the cold weather shipping which will make it very brittle in transit. Although Mann Lake ships (they did last year) during cold weather. My shipment consisted of many boxes of...
  15. Re: Can I overwinter my bees in two deeps? I'm a bit north of Boston.

    Used to live in Andover. Wintered my hives quite well there in double deeps (10 frames), wrapped, with 2" Styrofoam on top cover over the wrap. As to the double deep 8 frame, I would leave some...
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    Re: Feeding After Harvest

    Am located not far from you. After the last blooms have died, my hives will receive 2 gallons of 2/1 syrup with Fumidil B to counter nosema. After that, they will continue to be fed 2/1 until...
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    Re: What should I do with moth frames?

    Do you have any other active and strong hives that do not have any wax moth damage? If so, put a deep super on each. The bees will take care of them and clean them up. The destroyed ones you...
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    Re: Not so funny

    Always have my bees clean them out, but I try to prevent uncontrollable robbing. The carts go out at about 2:30 p.m. and are brought in at night on the same day. If they didn't do a good enough...
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    Re: August swarm, long winter?

    Maybe up your way chances may be slim but what can you lose, it didn't cost you anything. The super already has drawn comb. In my area of Massachusetts, a late swarm like this can be successfully...
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    Re: Problem I have never seen before

    If you have a deep with drawn frames, just do exactly as Vance suggested. It's the easiest, no killing or maiming of queen or bees, etc. Afterwards, just rid the super of bees with a fume board. ...
  21. Re: Just added new honey super w/no comb should I feed sugar water?

    Pray tell, how does one "bait" them into a medium super, when there are no drawn medium frames and one is trying to keep the honey free of sugar water? OMTCW
  22. Re: Just added new honey super w/no comb should I feed sugar water?

    If each hive has two deep supers already drawn out and filled with syrup then they have enough of a population to sustain themselves without you helping them with more syrup. Your medium honey...
  23. Re: What causes some hives to do better then others?

    Did you start them all at once? Queen's genes, not much we can do until we find out what they have, then change queens. OMTCW
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    Re: Where are my swarms??

    There are some bee types whose swarms hang around a bee yard for some time, often long enough for the beekeeper to give them a new hive. There's the other type of bee, that never hang around and...
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    Re: splitting a laying worker hive?

    Are the eggs being deposited on the sides of the cells instead of at the bottom?
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