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    Re: Sunflower seed for smoker fuel?

    Even assuming they're dry, they might have a hard time lighting since they're so dense, but if you get a good fire going before putting them in, that shouldn't be a problem. I also encountered this...
  2. First Year Beekeeping, Explosive Growth in One and Queen Problems in the Other

    First-time poster here, I've got some confuzzling happenings in my backyard apiary.

    We (my beekeeping partner and I) purchased two packages and two Langstroth medium-box hives this year. Hive #1...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    We caught a swarm on 06-28 in northern VA. It was hanging out in a 6-foot sapling about 10 feet away from the entrance of the hive it split from.
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