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    Re: Mann Lake New Website!

    Yes, it's working again for me too. It's convenient--I use it as an online shopping list I can add to.
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    Re: Mann Lake New Website!

    All I noticed yesterday was that the option to add items to my wishlist was no longer there. New is often not better.
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  4. Re: Anybody read the book "keeping honeybees with 25 hives

    I read it recently and liked it. It gave me some things to think about. I probably won't get to 25 hives but I would like to become more of a sideliner, and this book was helpful. It is a...
  5. Beginning Beekeeping Class in January--Hartville, Missouri

    Wright County Beekeepers will be conducting a Beginning Beekeeping course January 8, 15, 22 and 29, with additional dates reserved for makeup days, if needed, due to bad weather. Classes are...
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    Re: Bee Box?

    Thanks for the answers. I couldn't see anyone actually using this successfully, but I didn't want to disparage someone's product without a little backup. Reading the ad again, I notice the price is...
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    Re: How to start a beekeeping club

    I started with an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone in the area was interested in starting a beekeeping group. I received enough replies I thought it would be worth going forward. I also went the...
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    Bee Box?

    I saw this on Craigslist and was curious if these are used by anyone in the US? It looks similar to some I've seen from Russia. I notice it doesn't come with frames.
  9. Re: Beekeeping Club website - software question

    If you're looking for a forum page, we've had good luck with It gives the administrator quite a bit of control, and you can control who posts. Posters have to be signed in to post,...
  10. Re: Moving from bottom to a top entrance

    I switched over to top entrances this year. They are the same as the ones on Michael Bush's site that are a flat piece of board with shims to prop up the front for an entrance. I will try to...
  11. Re: Keeping your hives safe in Tornado Alley

    Well this is just one person's experience, along with luck or Divine Intervention, but I had three out of three hives actually survive a tornado. They were two 10-frame deeps with one honey super...
  12. Re: Is it true that bees only bring in Pollen when they have a queen?

    I've seen bees here bringing in pollen as late as December. I'm sure there was no brood then. Also, some beekeepers make their hives queenless to increase honey production. Without brood to care...
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    Hive Buzzing

    I have a hive I started from a nuc in June. It has been doing fine, although about a week ago I noticed it was a little lighter than I would want. I started feeding it 2:1 syrup. The last couple...
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    Re: Fumeboard product questions?

    I used Honey Bandit from Mann Lake two years in a row, and it continues to work. There is the warning on the label, that I almost missed, that says not to let it freeze. I keep it in the house,...
  15. Re: Common mistakes or other topics for a class.

    I think the most fundamental mistake I made was in not splitting or combining hives as needed. My second year I knew something about splits, but not nearly enough to do them properly. My main...
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    Re: no eggs

    After posting, I got to thinking of deadouts just sitting, being robbed out by bees. Eventually you have a truly empty hive, with a few bees going in and out due to curiosity. I have some supers...
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    Re: no eggs

    Since nobody answered yet, I'll try to help. How many hives do you have? For each hive, check and see if it has a queen. Is there any larvae or capped brood?

    You say three levels--what size...
  18. Re: Wintering: ratio of frames of bees to frames of honey?

    Thanks, that sounds like about what I was thinking.
  19. Re: Wintering: ratio of frames of bees to frames of honey?

    I thought I'd heard something like this once. Maybe I'm just thinking of making up nucs, where you want so many frames of brood, honey, and so forth.

    When I ran deeps, I just fed when they felt...
  20. Re: Wintering: ratio of frames of bees to frames of honey?

    Obviously, add surplus frames from another hive. Please, let's not turn it into one of those threads.

    Regarding going by weight, that's what I've done when I had double deeps. But now I have...
  21. Wintering: ratio of frames of bees to frames of honey?

    I'm thinking there is a recommended ratio of frames of bees to frames of honey going into winter, but I can't recall it right now. That is, for "x" number of frames covered with bees, how many...
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    Re: Moving Bees (Vermont to Atlanta)

    I was just curious so I checked--it's 955 miles for the trip you plan, with 18-20 hours of actual drive time. I really don't think that would be safe without a break for sleeping. I don't know, but...
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    Re: inspecting hive

    When inspecting a hive, I usually start at the top and go down, since that's the order I'm encountering the boxes. It depends on what I'm looking for. Usually if going through a hive, I want to...
  24. Re: Newbees, Mediums and AFB -- a cautionary tale

    I think the emphasis on varroa mites, coupled with the rarity of AFB has caused tunnel vision when it comes to teaching about pests and diseases. Add that to the fact that the topic can be a bit of...
  25. Re: Newbees, Mediums and AFB -- a cautionary tale

    I think the concern was that spores from the frame could have spread to attendees clothing (including shoes) and later be spread to their bees. I made my post to counter the ones who thought it was...
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