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    Re: Poo Yaah They MAD...

    Truer words were never spoken! I have been getting complacent but today I took a sting on the throat with no provocation or warning headbutts. Bam! As soon as that ripe banana smell hits the air the...
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    Re: What to do with supers after harvest

    I agree with them being damaged if you put them out in the open especially if there is a dearth; even the mid rib gets torn out. More apt to start robbing also. It is more trouble but safer results...
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    Re: Started fogging today.

    Glocks results are far from just his own! I and my son have used patent thymol treatments as well as made our own from crystals. We have used formic acid patent strips and bulk acid on meat pads, and...
  4. Re: How can I make hive boxes that are perfectly stackable-a necessary requirement.

    Twist in wood is very difficult to outwit and it has a long memory. Some degree of cup is practically normal. If your pieces are cupped, wet the cupped sides and in ten minutes or so they will...
  5. Re: How can I make hive boxes that are perfectly stackable-a necessary requirement.

    My first suggestion is to check the absolute squareness of your end cuts. In box joints the bottom of gullets are the mating line, not the overall length to the end of projections. In some things...
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    Re: Varroa Count / ratio

    If you still have drone brood I would suggest pulling some to check for mites. When they are still white but starting to get color in their eyes, it is easy to spot mites on them. Also look for...
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    Re: Capped brood around foundation wire.

    Sometimes the factory vertical wires are not centered in the wax and have a fair bit more exposure on one side. If your cross wiring happens to go on that side too, it will also stand out more as...
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    Re: Oxalic Sublimation Temp?

    Do a couple of vaporizations outside the hive where you can see it. Time it from the time the OA quits boiling and starts to smoke and time how much longer it takes till it is all smoked off. You...
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    Re: Time to start thinking about winter.

    With 2 ten frame deeps I get quite a bit of honey in the lower box if they go into winter about 125 lbs. total hive weight. I see quite a few posts on putting a good sized pollen pattie in the middle...
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    Re: Time to start thinking about winter.

    I would bet that the hive combs arrangement the bees find themselves in when they start brooding can give different "luck". They desperately need stored pollen as well as honey when brood rearing;...
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    Re: Spilled a little vegetable oil!?-Help!

    The home grown cures for tracheal and varroa mites used to often consist of a paste of crisco shortening, maybe some sugar (plus the secret active ingredients). I dont think it will be a problem.
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    Re: How Fast & How Long

    It will depend on type of extractor. I see no one yet referring to reversing frames! With a tangential and newish wired wax foundation and certainly foundationless, you will want to crank slowly to...
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    Re: Time to start thinking about winter.

    Well a powerful driver of the varroa as suspect is that it is considered to be the biggest cause of direct and indirect hive mortality. The indirect effects can be subtle. One possible connection is...
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    Re: Time to start thinking about winter.

    False springs that start early brooding, then the following cold snap; it may be hard to dodge that bullet. If you wrap or insulate hives, dont be early at getting them uncovered and opened up...
  15. Re: Measuring varroa based on number found in brood

    Culling and examining drone brood is the method I use most of the summer. You have to realize that the cells you are checking relate to mite numbers several weeks ago so won't catch an influx of...
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    Re: Hygienic behavior?

    The workers are starting to harass the drones here in the north. In another month they will really be getting the cold shoulder from the workers; find yourselves a home somewhere else boys, the...
  17. Re: Photos of my partial sheet of foundation in deep frames -experiment


    Those frames sure do have eye appeal and set the mind on a trip with endless possibilities! I know you will probably not sell the idea to commercial folks where standardization is king....
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    Re: How to lower moisture content

    Make a tent of plastic film and put the dehumidifier and the honey container inside. Have seen a similar idea used for a small scale lumber drying kiln. Much more efficient because you get a lot...
  19. Re: Photos of my partial sheet of foundation in deep frames -experiment

    Not unless you buy the Mann Lake PF 100 series plastic frame and lose the frame part with a saw!
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    Re: Foundations sheets

    The foundation is a small percentage of the total wax that makes up a whole frame so whether they build all or part makes little difference in the energy consumed. You usually will virtually all...
  21. Thread: How exact?

    by crofter

    Re: How exact?

    The span of the frame ledges is important; too tight makes frames harder to remove and if too slack you can have frames fall down into the hive if you happen to shunt them across and get them a bit...
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    Re: what is this flower?

    I think it is birdsfoot trefoil. It is one of my mainstays as it blooms after white clover and lasts all summer.
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    Re: what % of colonies are productive?

    Since I split most everything last season and had a poor fall flow, I had to feed a lot of sugar. The hives had lots of capped sugar/honey come spring but were very likely low on pollen and that...
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    Re: 6 frames of brood in top hive body

    That brood in the top box will emerge in the next couple of weeks, and the queens should start to slow down egg laying so the upper box will start to get filled more with honey from the top down, and...
  25. Re: cleaning out shed- found old wiring table and embedder

    If you pull the wire off the roll with tension and it drags around the eyelets the wire tries to turn into kinky coils. The spools lessen this effect. I no longer pull off the spool as I thread the...
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