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  1. Re: 3 Week old Nuc & Queen out of the Hive!

    Yes, Hawkster, that's what I think, too, now that I thought about it for a while.

    Harley Craig, she laid several eggs in the jar, maybe 10 or so. She was only in there for like maybe 5 minutes. ...
  2. 3 Week old Nuc & Queen out of the Hive!

    I got a nuc 3 weeks ago & have been checking on the bees weekly.

    Last week (well, about 10 days ago), they had drawn 1 side of 2 frames, so not a lot (they came on 5 medium frames & I had 5 empty...
  3. Newbie--Converting Nuc to Small Cell Mediums & How Many Frames do I need?

    I am planning to use all medium boxes & eventually go foundationless. However, I have ordered a nuc from our local supplier (and can't get anything different this late in the season).

    So, what do...
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    Hello from New Brunswick, Canada


    I'm so glad to have found this forum (er, mostly....I've been spending way too much time on here, though!)

    I have ordered my first nuc for this spring & have spent the past few weeks...
  5. Re: Hi from the Ice and Snow of New Brunswick

    Hi, fellow NB-ers! I found this site by Gooogling "New Brunswick Bee Keeping" & this thread popped up! So, thanks!!
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