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  1. Re: How do you attach styrofoam to your hives?

    I use 4" of foam insulation around the outside of my hives, with 2" inches of foam between each hive as mine are all snuggled up together. I use long ratchet straps around the top and bottom of this...
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    Re: Robbers on new Nucs

    This may seem like a dumb question, but are you sure that it was robbing and not a bunch of joyful young bees orienting?

    In my experience robbing starts at first light, or whenever flying...
  3. Re: Another North Carolinian, brand new just starting type

    Welcome to Beesource.

    I hope your bees give you as much pleasure as mine give me. (And that's a whole big bunch!)

    Best tip: buy TWO hive tools. They are demons who will take any opportunity...
  4. Re: Bees are dead. What is the best way to winter bees.

    Wow, that's a bummer!

    What kind of insulation did you use - and what are "air pockets"? When was the last time you saw them active and OK? It's been a long, relentless winter here, too.

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    Re: Bears and Bears and Bears Oh My!

    Luckily I haven't had bear problems, yet, so I've noting to add there.

    Be sure your dogs can't get caught within an enclosure with cranky bees. Bees don't observe the niceties in divisions of...
  6. Thread: Swarming???

    by enjambres

    Re: Swarming???

    You lose a proven, over-wintered queen to the swarm. A high percentage of swarms perish before the end of their first year, particularly up here in the Northeast - and that was true even before the...
  7. Thread: Dead Warre

    by enjambres

    Re: Dead Warre

    Wax moths will not be problem in an unoccupied hive in Lexington, MA over the next month. If any still exist in the hive they will freeze to death.

    Mice, OTOH, will find the bed 'n breakfast...
  8. Re: On splits - Take the old queen or leave her in the original hive?

    Oh, pish-tush - me, I leave the queen in the wrong box with all the wrong stage of brood in the other box, then realize my error and try to re-split my split. That leaves me with more nucs than I...
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    Re: New Beekeeper From Northern NJ

    Hello, and welcome to BS!

    Just wondering why you have chosen Api-var? Maybe you mean one of the Api-XXX treatments (Api-Life Var or Api-guard? (These names are confusing!)

    In your first year,...
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    Re: Dead bees with small/short abdomens


    That is really excellent information and a very useful link, thank you for posting it. So it looks like this particular malady has no connection to the wretched mites!

    One thing that...
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    Re: Dead bees with small/short abdomens

    I very rarely see mites, as well. But I do monitor and test, constantly using sticky boards (yes, I mean constantly I always have stickies in place and read them frequently, even in the depths of...
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    Re: Bees flying in 10 degree weather


    I'm over in Rensselaer County and my bees do the same thing, and it's OK.

    If you want, you can pick up the bees and rewarm them in your bare hand; most will be OK. It's harder to do if...
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    Re: Dead bees with small/short abdomens

    When I look at the dead bees outside my hives after prolonged cold weather, they do look a little short in the abdomen. I think it's because they curled up tightly as they were dying of hypothermia....
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    Re: new beek, handling wax in the hive

    This won't be a problem for you for at least a couple of years. In fact for the first year, or two, the main problem is not enough comb. So don't worry about rotating any out until you have a good...
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    Re: How cold is too cold?

    No, an empty super is too much empty air space, IMO. Between then and now can you concoct a rim that's only 2-3" tall, or something like that. It doesn't need to have fancy corner joints, simple...
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    Re: Bee's exiting the hive in winter?????

    How do we know that these bees are practising altruistic suicide? Has that been studied, or is it just a rationalization we keep repeating?

    One thing, though, it is normal and common. Some think...
  17. Re: Keeping Nuc's and full sized hives in the same spot

    ++ on the idea of robber screens from the start. I found that worked better than attempting to "keep an eye out for robbing," sometimes the early stages are very subtle in unequal-sized colonies....
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    Re: How cold is too cold?

    Do you already have a feeding shim on under the quilt box?

    If so, I would do this:

    Choose the warmest, most windless, day you can (30's would be good, but in a pinch lower is OK, especially if...
  19. Re: Do the Descendants of the Package Queen Produce Successively More Irritable Hives

    I'm really confused by your question. If successive generations of any queen produced meaner and meaner bees, we'd all have monstrous killer bees by now!

    If requeening to arrest a "mean" hive...
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    Re: How do you feed honey back to the bees?

    I don't know if it is different w/TBH, than in Langs. I don't think you have to do anything special to "feed it back" to the bees. In Langs I would simply put the frames in the other hive when you...
  21. Re: Here is a video of the Activity at my hive. Are they about to swarm?

    Yeah, those of us frozen in vast sea of ice and snow are hungry for some live bee-girl action. Pretty please?

    (BTW, watching orientation flights are one of the secret treats that only a beekeeper...
  22. Re: Results of Opening the Sides of the Broodnest

    @Mike Gilmore & IsedHoohah:

    I started around the middle of April, which I think was late-ish. But last year the winter hung on and on and I was getting spooked that I might be missing a critical...
  23. Re: How long do most newbies stay with beekeeping?

    Well, Michael, and a boatload of them also get persuaded by the non-treating propaganda that doing anything that isn't "all-natural" to their bees is tantamount to dumping DDT in their hives, with a...
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    Re: New Yorker Checking in

    Hi from up north of Albany - with 17 below is a.m..

    Good for you to have your hives surrounded with hay bales. As we come out of winter be sure you have mouse guards on the entrances because you...
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    Re: New guy in Minnesota

    Hey there, Zac, welcome to Beesource.

    I'm partial to local mutt bees, because that's what I've got. When I was first new beekeeeper I was interested to know what kind of bees I had, but that...
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