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    Re: Found old boxes.

    Anywhere near St Louis there should be plenty of local folks to help you out.
    If you have trouble finding someone let me know, I might be able to give you a couple contacts depending on where you...
  2. Re: getting spring fever is there any thing i can do to my bees

    That's what I'm doing, building boxes and frames. Still plenty of cold weather to come where I am.
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    Re: So my neighbors are beekeepers...

    Great topic!
    I too am a beekeeper who grows carnivorous plants. My pitcher plants catch plenty of flies, wasps, and other insects, but I have never found any bees in them when I cut the pitchers...
  4. Re: How to change from deep to medium brood supers

    Very timely. I have been thinking about this myself.
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    Hello all from Southern Illinois, USA!

    Hello all from Southern Illinois, USA!
    I had bees several years ago, bought my first package and kit from Sears. That should date me a bit. Eventually wife and I moved to town and had to give up...
  6. Re: Im thinking about planting buckwheat for bee's But i also want to harvest it :)

    I had plans of planting buckwheat years ago for my bees, until I tasted some buckwheat honey that is. I planted clover instead.
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