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    Re: Bee sting

    If they seem to be getting worse it might be worth a call to the dr to see what they recommend. I'm a new bee haver and I got a few stings that didn't result in much and then the other day half my...
  2. Re: Flawed thinking - if warre was alive today?

    Well seems to me this 800$ number is a bit ridiculous... This year I bought a warre hive kit for $200, my bees were 100$. The kit was for my ease. I put it together did a tiny bit if painting on the...
  3. Re: New keeper and questions on harvesting

    Thanks for the response.

    So my bees had moved down into the second box quite well and I added the third box with top bars. I was going to give them a month or so to build it out and see where we...
  4. Re: Making honey, infused with cinnamon...non heating?

    The only way I know to infuse flavor is by heating... In reality the thing itself should not remain in the mix... This is purely from a cooking perspective not a honey perspective
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    Re: Washboarding

    Do you just have the colony in a nuc? How long have you had them. My understanding was (new beek here too) that the nuc was not sufficient space for them. I was told to move mine over the their...
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    Re: grouchy bees

    I just went to do a short visit to see how the ladies we doing and got stung in the lip for my curiosity. Now I look like I was in a bar brawl... I have noticed that the drones seem to be getting...
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    Re: New from Oregon

    Hi BD... Might have to compare notes on hive status
  8. Re: New keeper and questions on harvesting

    I assume I should just leave it this first year...
  9. New keeper and questions on harvesting

    Hi new here... I just started a hive this year. I chopped a nuc to fit in my Warre... Talk about a stressful day... In any case my top box ended up with the nuc frames chopped and rubber banded to...
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    New from Oregon

    Hi. I'm a new keeper this year from Oregon. I have a single Warre hive.
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