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  1. Re: Not complaining but is this the way it works?

    It just sounds like your timing. If you had frames full of brood 4 weeks ago that has all hatched = more bees. If you had no stores before and have been feeding sugar you don't have honey but frames...
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    Re: Value of an orchard?

    Depending on what other forage is nearby it could be a good deal for you if you don’t have any other land available, as I am sure you know they aren't going to only be on the 120 acres. Most fruit...
  3. Re: Does More Aggressive Mean More Productive?

    I think where this probably comes from is that the bigger and stronger a colony is the more defensive it can be. You simply have more bees in the hive = more guards. Bigger colonies = more...
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    Re: Beware of Betterbee

    I have to say that their customer service is a joke! More of their carefree attitude and comlete incompetence really. I called them with some questions on the nuc feeders listed on their website. I...
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    Re: What gloves do you like?

    98% of the time if I am wearing gloves I use the nitrile gloves. You can get them in different thickness. I just use the lighter weight exam gloves and toss them when they get too dirty. A bee could...
  6. Re: Smoker troubles with Brushy Mtn. smoker fuel

    The biggest problem with the cotton plugs is getting it to stop smoking after you are finished especially if its in a clean or newer smoker. I usually just stick a cork in when finished and as long...
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    Re: Replace queen or wait?

    That's what I was afraid of... without seeing a single capped worker cell in the hive I was leary of just leaving them on their own to hopefully raise a queen with the possibility of not having...
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    Replace queen or wait?

    Slowly getting back into keeping bees after a 15 year break and am a little rusty. Anyway, i have several new hives that were started from packages this year and all are doing great except for one....
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