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    Bee Venom Collecting

    So, I was looking to buy a new smoker today and a bee venom collector showed up. I have never really put much thought into how bee venom is collected, and found this little device fascinating. I...
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    Re: Feeding Wheat Flour to Bees

    >Here is a good study on pollen subs (including wheat and corn)

    Thanks for the link. The article goes along with my view that no one ingredient in a pollen substitute can meet all the needs of...
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    Feeding Wheat Flour to Bees

    I came across a video of John Pluta on youtube where he shares how he feeds flour to his bees. I understand that bees are not quite capable of digesting the starch in the flour, which makes flour a...
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    Re: Wanna-be Beekeeper

    Take some time to do some reading and prepare for next year. If you want honey this year buy another super(medium, shallow, deep) fill it with frames of foundation and throw it on top of the hive. ...
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    Re: Rain rain go away

    Is "rain" that wet stuff that falls from the sky? You will have to take a picture cause I can't remember what it looks like.
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    Re: hot hot hot hive

    I had a similar situation with one of 2-story hives. I split the hives up into single-story hives, and introduced new queens to both. They were still very "hot." Neighbors were starting to...
  7. Re: which swarm trapping book should i buy ?

    I would have to agree with Beeman... A little internet surfing can go a long way. Here is some good information on swarm trapping. Cornell University - Swarm Trapping
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    Re: 8 frame or 10 frame

    I like 10-frame... only because that is the only style I have tried. Down the road, if you decide that 10-frame equipment does not suit you, you could switch to 8-frame equipment by cutting down...
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    Re: plywood nuc boxes

    Here are some pallet swarm traps I made...
    Recycled Pallet Swarm Traps
    Once these are painted they will last quite a while.

    I used to make my nucs entirely out of plywood. I didn't like...
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    Fixed Comb Hives Illegal?

    I know in some States, this is Illegal. Anyone know why? Just curious...
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    Re: epipens?

    You need a prescription for an epipen. Only 3% of the population will develop anaphylaxis when stung by bees. The chances of someone actually needing your epipen would be extremely rare... If a...
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    Re: Prep for Spring

    I have made my boxes two different ways when using plywood.

    BOX JOINTS: I make my box joints using a table saw with a dado blade. I always place a piece of scrap behind the board I am cutting to...
  13. Re: 10 frame wide vs ten frame tall swarm box

    I know one problem I have had is transporting the bees. If I have to travel with them very far I don't like having the box sealed up completely they really start going crazy. On my nuc boxes, I...
  14. Re: 10 frame wide vs ten frame tall swarm box

    I just throw a rope over a crotch in the tree that is close to the trunk. I pull the box up so it is tight against the tree then tie the rope off. The boxes don't move.

    I have had more luck...
  15. Re: 10 frame wide vs ten frame tall swarm box

    Hey Rick, last year I did exactly what you describe. I had a few extra nucs laying around, and wanted to have the volume of a 10 frame box for my swarm traps. I just tied the 2 boxes together with...
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    Re: Winter Kill - What to do?

    I clean up the hive as soon as I can after I determine they are dead. If they are left the hive really start to stink. Don't worry about the bees that are head first in the cells. When you place...
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    Re: First flying day of season!

    Splatt, with this warmer weather we've had for the past couple of days I've been waiting to see them fly.
    Nothing today, still too cold where I am I guess. I gave a listen to the hives and could...
  18. Re: Do you use an inner cover or not and why

    I don't use an inner cover or a telescoping cover. I find it easier to make a migratory covers out of a piece of plywood. Problem is, you have to make sure that the hive stays covered. This winter...
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    Re: Cell punching

    It sounds to me like what you you have proposed will work... sometimes the easiest way to wrap your brain around an idea is to do it your own way. I am a fan or tinkering as well. Even if it may...
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    Re: Cell punching

    The only thing that I could think of that may be a problem, is that when the bees hang from the cells to draw out the queen cells; they may pull the cell punches out of the queen cell cups.
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    Re: Cell punching

    I would say it would be better to graft the larvea... I would worry about the punched cells falling out of the cell cups...
    if you don't think the cells will fall out you could give it a try.
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    Re: dry sugar poured in deeps ?

    If you don't have an inner cover you could lay newspaper down and put the sugar on that leaving room for the cover to go back on... pouring it down into the hive seems like a messy way to do it. If...
  23. Re: New Utah beekeeper, hoping to get started on the right foot!

    dmaddox, where did you purchase your bees?
  24. Re: Using plastic containers for vinegar making.

    Thanks for your help beemandan. I think I am just going to have to get my hands dirty, and just do it.
    I'm thinking that a lot of the learning is going to be in actually doing it. There isn't a...
  25. Re: Using plastic containers for vinegar making.

    As an experiment, about a year ago I made about a gallon of hard cider(following a recipe I found online). I believe I had about 5 percent alcohol(newbie reading hydrometer) when I decided it was...
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