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  1. Re: 4 lb package of honeybees arrives and 90% dead!


    I don't remember delivery of bees as an issue in the 60s and early 70s.. The service of especially the USPS has deteriorated badly, terrible employee attitudes, ... of course USPS is on...
  2. Re: 4 lb package of honeybees arrives and 90% dead!

    To update. Received refund from USPS 12 days after filing. Had a letter from USPS Customer Service that stated the 90% of bees dead so this undoubtedly accelerated that process.

    Had a second...
  3. Re: 4 lb package of honeybees arrives and 90% dead!

    I agree with much of your answer, but USPS was the only option given by the seller. I would have preferred UPS, as you stated USPS service ... SUCKS ... and I have had issues with USPS over the...
  4. Re: 4 lb package of honeybees arrives and 90% dead!

    I just figured someone else has been down this road before.

    I contacted the seller by phone yesterday and e-mail today. So we'll see what develops. As a last case act I can bounce back the...
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    Re: There is only ONE reason to burn equipment

    My answer may be a little outdated, but I use to travel with a Michigan State Bee Inspector for a number of summers. If he detected AFB the following process was used.

    1) The hive was first...
  6. 4 lb package of honeybees arrives and 90% dead!

    So what recourse?

    Seller says it's my responsibility to file USPS claim as he bought insurance!

    Went to the post office, they could do nothing, everything has to be done online was their...
  7. Re: Backyard Beekeeper that develops bad neighbor relation issues ... to the extremes

    Maybe an interesting situation developing. E-mailing to the Township about beehive in back yard, they said no problems as long as I keep it 10 feet from my fence line (I live on a corner lot). ...
  8. Backyard Beekeeper that develops bad neighbor relation issues ... to the extremes?

    Has anybody ran into any serious issues with their bees that has provoked neighbors to an excessive act of revenge? Such as to the point where the police may have been called, to address the issue...
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    Re: Wired Brood/extracting frames & foundation?

    It appears that the foundation is of the plastic type as Americasbeekeeper notes. Purchased from Mann Lake. I also purchased a few extra brood supers with frames & foundation, but unassembled, that...
  10. Re: What is everyone paying for a package this year?

    A 3 lb package @ $110 of Italians (from GA) and a 4 lb package of Carniolans @ $120 (from OH).
  11. Plastic cut comb 4 1/8" x 4 1/8" x 1/3/8" container prices?

    I've been checking around for 4 1/8" x 4 1/8" x 1/3/8" plastic boxes for cut comb.

    The best I've been able to locate is from Pioneer Plastics, Inc. in Dixon, KY. They sell a carton of 100...
  12. Re: Anyone use or know where I can get the wooden square frames used for comb Honey?

    Just happened to run across this thread as a number of years ago I was heavy into comb honey production in the basswood boxes. From what I've seemed to locate everything has gravitated to the cut...
  13. The 'queen excluder' synonymous with a 'honey excluder!'

    A number of years ago I had 150 hives, never used a queen excluder, and don't remember any queens laying above the second brood super. We use to call them 'honey excluders' in my circle of...
  14. How dependable is the USPS or UPS with delivering bee packages?

    The heading pretty much says it.

    What has been your experience with delivery of package bees with the USPS and/or UPS?

    Any nightmares ?!?!?!

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    Wired Brood/extracting frames & foundation?

    When I was beekeeping a number of years ago the wax foundation had wires running from the top-bar to/through the split bottom-bar and then we'd manually string a couple of horizontal wires across the...
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    Re: package of bees

    You can also sprinkle sugar water (make your own) on the exterior of the cage for the honeybees to get some addition nourishment if you think there's some concern to eliminate any stress to the...
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    Italian or Carniolan?

    Back in my beekeeping days it was either the Italian or Caucasian honeybee.

    Today it seems to be Italian or Carniolan.

    What are some of the pros and cons of each? I thought I read...
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    Re: Has anyone tried this?....did it work?

    A number of years ago I bought a 20 colony apiary behind an auction house, where the neighbor had a small animal ranch on 2-acres. The reason the beekeeper was selling the yard was because the...
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    AFB, just curious?

    AFB (American Foulbrood disease) was a big issue in the 60s and 70s when I was beekeeping. Back then I use to travel with a MI state bee inspectors for 3-4 summers as he was also my 4-H club...
  20. Re: Beekeeping Supplies and Package Bees recommendations.


    I just purchased a single supered hive from ML last week, will be picking up another brood super and two supers for cut-comb from them.

    Don Lam has bees for pick-up only here in MI, so...
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    Re: Bees and rooftop chimney smoke.

    The little to no use fireplace chimney extends ten-plus feet above the roof, which it appears to be the most probable location at this time. As you note the wind flow would direct smoke well above...
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    Re: Nucs and package bee size?


    I'll be going with 2 brood supers, 10-frame and 3-lb package, and add on cut-comb supers as I really think about it. With only a single hive, versus the 60s and 70s when I had 150 hives,...
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    Re: benzaldehyde or what?

    Thanks. I also liked the cherry smell and doing some internet searches I couldn't find anything, but this was common usage in the 60s and 70s, so I'll have to go with Beego.
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    benzaldehyde or what?

    When I had 150 hives in the 60s and 70s, discontinued for a number of years and acquiring the interest again, but we used benzaldehyde to drive the bees out of honey supers before bringing them home...
  25. Beekeeping Supplies and Package Bees recommendations.

    Back in my beekeeping days (60's and 70's) the Midwest suppliers were Hubbards in Onsted (MI), A.I. Root in Medina (OH) and Dandant & Sons.

    (1) What are some major bee suppliers that offer...
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