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  1. Overwintering and candy boards

    Hello- We are hobbyist bee keepers in the NW corner of Wisconsin. Our gardening zone is 2b for perspective. I an frustrated that I lost our bees 2 winters straight. I intend to do things better next...
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    Re: Hive placement and bears

    We are also in bear country here in NW Wisconsin. I have a narrow platform built 8 ft up on the south side of our two story house large enough for 4 hives. It works, but it is a major pain unloading...
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    Re: Hello from WI

    Hello- I am just NE of you in Rusk county WI. We are in a heavily wooded part of the county with very few bee keepers. I am a new hobbyist type myself. It was 4 or 5 years ago we got out first hive....
  4. I Figured Out Where my Bees are Foraging

    We are in a heavily forested area. This part of the country has lots of underbrush and wetlands. I look all the time, but seldom can find bees foraging. They ignored my apple trees, and I never saw...
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    Re: Ultimate Hive Cover?!?!

    I bought one from Mann Lake a month ago. It seems strong, but it is light in weight. I think it may need a weight if you are in a unprotected windy area.

    I put it on top of a molded tray top...
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    Re: New wisconsin bee keeper

    Welcome!- I thought I was the only one up here! I am 125 miles NW of you north of Ladysmith. I started my first package in 2010. I fed heavy and managed to get 30 lbs of honey that first year.

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    Re: Bees dying in the top feeder

    I have several molded top feeders from Mann Lake. I have noticed a significant number of bees will squeeze under the cover and drown. I fixed that by adding a foam gasket to the inside of the cover....
  8. Basic Pollen Gathering Question

    Hello- I'm still getting my feet wet here, and have a question about pollen gathering. I have a week old split with a new queen. I had to deal with a robbing problem for several days. The robbing...
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    Do Robber Bees go Home at Night?

    Hello All-

    Do robbers bees go home at night? Would robbing foragers ever spend the night in an empty hive that isn't home?

    The long version of the question- I am a 3 year hobbyist with 2 good...
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    Re: Hello from NW Wisconsin

    Thanks to all-I hate to admit it, but I'm not sure when our basswoods bloom. The books say end of June to mid-July. I'll pay attention this year. We have a lot of wild blackberries
    and raspberries....
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    Hello from NW Wisconsin

    I started beekeeping as a hobby spring of 2010. I had a tough time finding any bees that spring. I finally found a single package of Italians and starter hive from a beekeeper/supply a couple of...
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