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  1. Re: Laying workers or overzealous new queen?

    If its a laying worker(s), they wont be able to make a queen unless you add open brood from another hive. Yes, this takes time, and resources....why I tried queen cells.
  2. Re: Laying workers or overzealous new queen?

    Timing maybe important, and I dont have an answer. I was hoping an "ole timer" would chime in with a similar experience. I know in the future I will try to throw a cell in them...what is there to...
  3. Re: Laying workers or overzealous new queen?

    In the past when i had a laying worker nuc, I would simply shake em out and walk away. This year after making up a bunch of nucs I had 3 that went laying worker. Around the same time I was learning...
  4. Re: Is treatment-free beekeeping possible at all?

    Very interesting....and thank you.
  5. Re: Is treatment-free beekeeping possible at all?

    Adrian, what percentage of those 5 over 5s made it through winter? I plan on trying 15 or so this year....set up the same way. Sorry....not trying to hijack the thread.
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    Re: History, geneology, and beekeeping

    Very Cool! Thanks!
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    Re: Why a cell starter and finisher?

    [QUOTE=Brad Bee;1279039]This thread has been very informational and I thank each of you that added a comment, question, or answer. Grafting for the first time has been eye opening and by taking the...
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    Re: New Member in NYS

  9. Re: My latest incredible invention - the BBWAB

    Charlie B. should be kissing your feet!
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    Re: any tips on doing a cutout

    I don't use smoke on'll push the queen to places you can't get to. Open the entire hive up...seal of the cracks with plastic grocery bags. Cut carefully....the queen will be there some...
  11. Re: How to fix honeybound bound hive with only foundation.

    I would let the 2 hives that swarmed requeen themselves, and build my nuc out to a 10-8 frame. Save that hive with a known queen, and merge if you find one of the others queenless later.
  12. Re: How to fix honeybound bound hive with only foundation.

    Damage done by the sounds, but in the future break up the brood nest with your foundation just before your flow.
  13. Re: Since 1980 this is the worst April Non-flow I have every seen...

    Seen this also this year....have been shaking water from frames. This is my 3rd year so didn't realize it was not normal. I also run upper entrance with plenty ventilation.
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    Re: First Time to Try OTS

    "For me, I would prefer to have a strong hive rather than nucs to start my queen cells."

    I believe this is key to healthy, large cells.
  15. Poll: Re: How long does it take you find your queen(s)?

    Agree with the smoke. Last year when I was splitting to make nucs, I noticed it was nearly impossible to find her if I smoked the hive. Once I started looking with out the smoke it seemed much...
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    Re: Definition of a nuc?

    Here in central ME, I never expected a new hive, started from a nuc in May, to make a honey crop the first year...nor have I been able to so far. I figured I was doing well just to have them built up...
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    Re: Definition of a nuc?

    Nucs I sell will still be full of bees...just to clarify, but think it will be later this year.
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    Re: Definition of a nuc?

    Unless you live in the Northeast, and are raising queens from splits. I will split at least one week, maybe 2 weeks later than last year. That being said if the nucs are fed they should do well on...
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    Re: Deer Rifle thoughts please

    Most of the better threads were the "old ones"!:lookout:
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    Re: Deer Rifle thoughts please

    I use a .280 rem for deer...very similar to the 7x57 ballistics. Hard to beat those 7mm's, especially with hand loads. Funny this old thread got resurrected.
  21. Re: Ideas for different hive top design?

    I am finishing up 36 nucs this weekend. This year I have glued a 1" piece of popsicle stick in 2 places on the top of each nuc. Now when I set the migratory top on, there will be a 1/16 gap along the...
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    Re: Lots of chilled brood

    Bees are riverboat gamblers about building up.

    They miss summer more than us!
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    Re: snow bound hives/locations

    Kinda Ironic if you think about it...plowing snow to place queens from hawaii....sorry I know that is of no help.
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    Re: 2 or 3 frame deeps for mating


    "We try to spread our nucs out as much as space will allow."

    This was my set-up last year...Did 2 mating rounds like this. Both times there was lower success with the nucs in the middle,...
  25. Re: Setting up a mating nuc then transitioning from mating nuc to?

    This way it's less hassle for me and the bees. They get mated in the size of hive body I want to overwinter them on, on the hive stand that they will overwinter. No moving hives, no changing hive...
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