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  1. does each hive have a distinct alarm pheromone ... & duration

    if a bee from hive A stings me, do bees of hive B close by pick up the released alarm pheromone... and act on it¿
    also, is it known, roughly, how long the alarm pheromone of a bee lasts...
  2. Re: does a swarm ever leave & move straight into a new home

    servus bernhard, did both settle there permanently¿ dankeschón, peter
  3. Re: does a swarm ever leave & move straight into a new home

    they sure were in a rush it seems; swarm-express. do you know where they went¿
    i read that some scouts literally ´reserve´ a site they like, and sometimes for days ... with some sort of guards,...
  4. does a swarm ever leave & move straight into a new home

    hi, according to what i read a hive preparing for casting a swarm is sending about 10 days prior to take-off scouts out to search for appropriate sites. my question: does it happen that a new site is...
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    Re: eating dead bees

    hola, thanks to all for the interesting feedback.... that part of dumping the head doesnt get into mine: why bother... whats wrong with heads¿ isnt the pain in the -butt-¿ cheers, peter
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    eating dead bees

    hi, i was wondering what happens if i eat comb-honey and some dead bees in the mix? does the venom of the dead bee stay active¿ ... how long¿ is it like getting stung inside the mouth while chewing...
  7. do swarms at times move straight into a new hive¿

    hi, if i get that right: swarms about to emerge send out scouts already prior to making a move. does it ever happen that a swarm leave the old hives and, without delay/stop-over, move straight to a...
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