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    Re: Fall prep on Top Bar splits

    You should start seeing more nectar coming in as the fall dearth stops. They'll put honey in a band above the brood, and on bars on either side of the broodnest.
    Should you go in later in the...
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    Re: Brood Cycle Break?

    A queen does naturally take a brood break during the fall dearth. Once the dearth breaks, she'll start laying the eggs which will become your long-lived winter bees. Once a number of foragers are...
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    Re: Insulation or Not-For Winter

    I will no longer insulate my kTBH's. I'm in N IL, so winters here can be brutual or mild....we just don't know until we've gone through them!

    With the recent up/down winters (warm at day, frigid...
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    Re: Empty brood comb

    I leave them be. The bees know more than I, so I leave the combs as they are. They'll either fill with brood or fill with honey....but in the dearth, there's just nothing to do but hang outside the...
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    Re: Time to move KTBs

    I moved my hive across my acreage - about 100' from first location. Installed end of April 2011 during a flood, so their apiary site was literally under water! But their tbh would have been out of...
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    Re: weak hive, what do to?

    YEAH girls! You've got a good queen in there, able to build up more numbers quickly. They'll be ok I think....

    First, the bees need to make more workers. Then, they need to make more comb. ...
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    Re: Discouraged newbee

    Something I hadn't seen mentioned in the excellent posts above - weather pattern. I've noticed, especially now in the summer dearth, that if there is a coming change in the weather (high...
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    Re: weak hive, what do to?

    The question is - is this hive weak from beekeeping management mistakes, or is it weak from pests/diseases? If pests - get rid of those first! Otherwise, you'll just be weakening two hives instead...
  9. Thread: New Hive

    by Life is Good!

    Re: New Hive

    Bring the swarm home!
    Depending on the size of the trap, it will not be large enough to accommodate a full-size hive.
    My tbh's went from nothing to 27 bars in one summer season. That was a...
  10. Re: comb repeatedly built on bottom of hive

    Sounds like they might be out of space. Is the hive completely full, i.e. no empty bars? Have you taken any honey out for your use?

    If the bees are out of space in the broodnest, they'll build...
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    Re: Found 5 queen cells in various areas.

    Sounds like it's time to do a split! Our tbh hives installed May 8th haven't built out nearly that much comb - they're only on bar 14 and bar 11. Now, these are packages not a nuc, so that does...
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    Re: Letting bees eat honey and not HFCS

    As a third year beekeeper, I have only fed sugar syrup their first year in the hive. I had no other choice. No 'safe' honey to be found that I truly trusted.

    I've left them all their honey for...
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    Re: Transfer bees from Langstroth to TBH

    I've heard, never done, something like a walk-away split: that you can take a pair of TB's, install them in the Lang (just off each side of the brood nest) and have them draw it out for you - when...
  14. Re: Any one see this design for a horizontal hive?

    I see you're in'll want a good ventilated bee jacket at minimum, and if you're near any AKB, I'll spring the extra $$ for a full-out suit. Here in N IL, we have hot, humid summers - so I...
  15. Re: Any one see this design for a horizontal hive?

    Third year kTBH keeper here.
    I am looking into building this plan to start a 'superable' hive structure. With my current TBH, I cannot add a super for honey production without removing my entire...
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    Re: Welcome Home present

    Wohoo! What a great present! Give them something to eat to encourage them to stay. My personal choice is a paper container lid (like from an ice-cream container), cleaned and rinsed very well,...
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    Re: San Antonio Bees - new TBH user

    Full sun or shade? Sun in the morning but shade starting about noon seems to be the consensus no matter your location. The sun in the morning seems to get the girls up and moving earlier! (Works...
  18. Re: Long Lang on legs? Our TBH's are great and need to expand operations

    Thank you! I knew someone out there had plans. Didn't expect anything quite so detailed!

    Off to begin building.....swarm #2 flew past house today. Gotta get a trap up....
  19. Using camera in beeyard - how to keep camera from being sticky!

    Ok folks....
    I've seen some AMAZING photos as of late. Which has prompted the urge to take some for myself.

    But how on earth do you get the good shots without getting your camera completely...
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    Re: When to Give Them the Whole Hive

    Now is the season to build comb and get nectar stored away. The spring flow is on and the bees know it! Add as many bars as it takes. The summer dearth is coming - look at the temps and when the...
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    Re: 34 days 10 top bars covered

    Aren't swarms amazing? They know what needs to be done and do the job accordingly!
    Packages take so much longer to get themselves organized.
    Enjoy your bees!
  22. Long Lang on legs? Our TBH's are great and need to expand operations

    Hey Long Lang folks! Is it possible to put a long lang on legs, much like our tbh's?

    Our 2acre backyard apiary site in northern IL has flooded 6 out of the last 19yrs we've lived on this...
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    Re: Questions about inspection

    If your hive does not have observation windows, I would not go into the hive more than once a week. If you see some comb going off kilter, take care of it IMMEDIATELY - your hive tool, a few large...
  24. Wax moth infestation in dead-out hive from last fall - salvage or start over?

    I had a hive die last late fall (robbed out due to failing queen, hive was taken over on a weekend I wasn't home to help prevent complete disaster). Because it was so late in the season, I left the...
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    Re: Getting the kids interested

    Our kids are like most kids - interested in what THEY'RE interested in, and this other stuff (i.e. parent interest) is not necessarily their liking.

    My oldest son, now 16, was terrified of bees at...
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