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    Re: When to add honey super?

    We were out putting on honey supers this weekend and we're feeling really good about it.
    Up here in ontario canada we have a shorter season as you can imagine and to be outside in the beeyards...
  2. Re: Feeding antibiotics to honeybees in Ontario Canada

    no problem
    I will come back and post more when we do sticky strips and acid pads
  3. Re: Feeding antibiotics to honeybees in Ontario Canada

    Haha well i wish we didn't have to do it, but the diseases and parasites make that our reality. We're not done with the precautions yet - we still have to put in sticky strips and acid pads

    Max I...
  4. Feeding antibiotics to honeybees in Ontario Canada

    Lots of people ask me how to feed drugs. This is how we do it.
    Beekeepers know what Im talking about - this is how we keep the bees healthy and prevent against AFB and EFB and other infectious...
  5. Re: The Biggest Honey Bee in the World is in Canada, It's true, It's True

    they got honeys too
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    Harvesting Honey in Eastern Ontario, Canada

    Just finished writing a piece for Wondercafe and used many of these images to set up a discussion about the differences between medieval beekeeping and modern apiculture. Have a look if you like that...
  7. not really CCD I dont think...

    I think his hives just froze - that happens here in Canada over the winter, but 30% is pretty high winter death rate.

    Although he might attribute heavier than normal winter losses to CCD, there is...
  8. 70 yr old beekeeper turns blogger, shares secrets

    My dad, a master beekeeper, is just beginning his blog on the Sugar network.
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