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  1. Making honey, infused with cinnamon...non heating?


    I searched all over and the only way I see that people are making honey/cinnamon is to heat the honey first. Is there a way to add the cinnamon without heating the honey? What would happen...
  2. Too late to requeen?? Not looking good...

    My friend has a warre hive and just noticed that the queen is not in the hive..queenless:eek: After looking at his hive I noticed he has no queen and less than two thousand bees left in the hive. Do...
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    Making Creamed Honey...without heating???


    I will NEVER heat my raw honey...against my morals) So, is there a way to make buttery creamed honey WITHOUT heating the honey first? 2960
  4. Pockethole Jig...for constructing boxes?

    Anyone try this this pockethole jig to make boxes? For the person without alot of power tools seems like the easy way to make...
  5. Cordovan they produce Cordovan workers?

    If in an isolated yard with just Cordovan Queens will they produce Cordovan workers?

  6. Re: Winter's Apiaries Homepage - Breeders of Mountain Grey Caucasian Honeybees

    That link is 35 pages long....!
  7. Winter's Apiaries Homepage - Breeders of Mountain Grey Caucasian Honeybees


    Has anyone delt with these folks before? Are they related to LONGCREEK Apiaries? I called them numerous times and left messages but they never reply. Is Winter's Apiaries to be trusted? :s
  8. Genuine Pine Tar to protect wood???? Anyone try it?

    Just curious if anyone tried using organic Genuine Pine Tar to treat their supers? Below is a link describing it. Seems like it might work:thumbsup:
  9. How much honey can fit into a 1/2 pint Mason Jar?


    I got a real good deal for some BALL, 1/2 pint mason jars. On the box it says that the jars are 8 OZ. Now, how much honey weight can fit into these mason jars?

  10. Re: Can I bake super with frames that have wax moth?

    Well...I did it! Heated the oven up to 350 degrees, wrapped the boxes, with frames inside them, with foil and let set in the oven for 45 minutes. OMG...all my frames are cleaned and I am sure that...
  11. Can I bake super with frames that have wax moth?


    Instead of freezing the frames, hard to do with my small freezer, I had thought about baking the entire super, including frames, in the oven for about 10 minutes at 220 degrees. I already...
  12. Rainy and in the 50's..too cold to make splits?

    Had a few queens arrive today but the weather is nasty...50's and rainy. Is it safe to make splits in weather like this? I do not want to chill the brood.

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    Re: what are old world carnolian bees?

    So, getting back to my question...what are Old World Carns?:s A few breeders sell both... Old World Carns and New World Carns.
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    Re: what are old world carnolian bees?

    Nice link! Do you sell pure breed Old World Carns? Or know of a trusted breeder?
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    what are old world carnolian bees?

    I even called 1-2 breeders that sell them and get different reports?!?!!?:eek:

    Are the Old World Carns those that come from Europe, and the New World Carns a hybrid that used genetics from the Old...
  16. Caucasian Honey longer in the States?

    Caucasian Honey Bees, what happened to this race of bees in the States? Does anyone still sell any???

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    Russian bees just all hybrids?

    :DAbout Russian bees:

    Is the Russian bee just a hybrid of various bees, all from different areas of Russia, that were breed for various traits? I mean, there is no 1 genetic pure Russian bee in...
  18. In Ohio when can 5 frame nucs be added to full size boxes?

    I have a few 5 frame nucs that over wintered here in Ohio...GO, GO RUSSIAN BEES:thumbsup:

    Now, I have a few extra 10 frame boxes, empty except for frames and foundation, that I would like to add...
  19. Re: Best ways of cleaning older/dirty frames?

    Right...I forgot all about the deep freeze.:thumbsup:
  20. Best ways of cleaning older/dirty frames?


    This last fall I had a few of my hives destroyed by what I believe was wax moth. The hives, when opened, were full of webs and I notice a few larva/worms living in them The bees were all...
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    S.E Ohio Goldenrod honey flow terrible

    The Goldenrod started blooming weeks early but the bees had not used it to make honey this year. What is going on? Anyone else in S.E. Ohio having a very poor Goldenrod honey flow?
  22. Over wintering 10 frame nucs in Ohio?


    It will soon be fall, in Ohio, and I have 3 hives, all were made from nucs, that I need help with in over wintering. Each hive is a deep 10 frame...

    Two of the hives are Russian and the...
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    Re: Design thb for cold climates

    I was under the impression that bees moved easier in the vertical rather then horizontal. This is also proved in nature whereas the bee colony is built vertical father then horizontal and includes...
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    Re: ohio honey laws?

    Just put up that darn sign and sell YOUR honey!
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    Re: Making Nucs in the rain=bad idea?

    I was going to wait 2 days, and even then check for queen cells before giving nucs the new queens. But was unaware of the longer I waited the less chance the queens will have at being accepted...if...
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