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  1. Re: I'm not new to beekeeping, but this hive has me stumped (pictures)

    Yes-- the brood was eggs and little larva, of course. And I mispoke in that it was three SIDES of medium frames, and of course the nectar and such was around them. o-o She had hopped to it and was...
  2. I'm not new to beekeeping, but this hive has me stumped (pictures)

    I need some advice to help me understand the situation of this hive. Here's the timeline:

    06/06-- Package was picked up after a month of delays due to weather. Rossman Apiaries, I believe. Queen...
  3. Re: Please help me evaluate a beekeeping site and stand

    Any other advice for my site? Please refer to pictures on first post.
  4. Re: Please help me evaluate a beekeeping site and stand

    Fascinating-- I thought those were waxworms, and posted a thread about them a couple of years back, asking about waxworms! xD I remember wondering about that. Well, no matter, as that hive died out...
  5. Please help me evaluate a beekeeping site and stand

    Hello all,

    I'm coming back from a 100 percent loss season. All the bees died face down in their cells in box two of every hive we had.

    We had the rainiest summer on record this past year, and...
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    Re: What is your loss percentage so far?

    We had the same conditions-- we actually had an eye-popping 125 inches of rain last year.
    And this is the coldest winter in our area for 25 years. This is what I was thinking-- we'd see some...
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    What is your loss percentage so far?

    Ours is 100 percent-- five hives out of five hives. Of course many factors affect survivability of hives, but I was wondering if this was a trend. The worst we'd lost before was 50 percent.

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    Poll: Autopsy of a Hive

    I'm trying to figure out what caused a CCD-like collapse of one of my hives.

    Hive was originally the bees left behind after a swarm, but they had no queen, or the many competing left over virgins...
  9. Re: robbing new nuc yesterday, what to do today?

    I'm surprised no one mentioned 'the wet sheet over the hive' method. It's as simple as it sounds.

    There are also entrances called 'robbing screens' you can look up. They are rather simple in...
  10. Re: What to do with honey super while feeding bees

    Put is aside in your equipment room up on another few boxes for later. They're too behind to add to it. If you're going to let them use it, then leave it on while feeding. They probably are going to...
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    Re: Previously Good Queens not laying!?

    Be careful to inspect for queen cells to make sure they're not backfilling the hive to swarm. Packages or not. Make sure the queen has space to lay amongst the nectar.
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    Re: New Bee from Morganton NC

    How'd they end up doing? My two nucs died the following spring. Stock didn't do well in the conditions up here.
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    Re: Ray Revis experience

    Update: we lost both Russian hives the following spring to varroatosis and failure to thrive, even with treatment in fall with apilife var per instructions. These Russians were ornery, aggressive,...
  14. Re: Need advice on swarm I caught 10 days ago.

    I have the same issue with a swarm I caught about a week ago. I was thinking we had lost the queen because no larva and no marked queen (though she was poorly marked to begin with). Now that I think...
  15. Re: Queen in Requeening Frame waiting for introduction and 36 degree weather

    Thanks for the advice-- I unplugged her candy today but left her in the requeening frame with the gate open. They had built lovely comb under the frame and seemed calm and yet very centered around...
  16. Queen in Requeening Frame waiting for introduction and 36 degree weather

    Hi guys! Another year of beekeeping, another list of questions! 8D

    Anyway, We're about to have a cold snap and I installed a package of bees last Friday. The queen is in a Brushy Mountain...
  17. Re: After three weeks of Api-Life Var as directed, two weeks later, mite count of 60.

    Does anyone have experience with Api-Life Var?
  18. After three weeks of Api-Life Var as directed, two weeks later, mite count of 60...

    in three days.

    Just as the thread title says, I started treating a Russian hive with in the middle of September with Api-Life Var, just as directed. The counts were about 55 in three days before...
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    Re: the girls are still bringing in pollen

    Don't forget perennial gardens! Mine are bringing in tons of pollen from echinacea and salvia, which are still blooming here.
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    Re: Do I need to wrap the hive?

    dixiebooks, I believe I may have saw your bees this summer if you live anywhere near the Holston Sluice in Kingsport. They were all over the Water Willow, very obviously Italian-descended, not feral....
  21. Re: Has anyone bred pure Russians and Sunkist Cordovans before?

    Wow, valleyman, that's great! I'm so glad for you! I'm glad that those Russians were "saved," too, and that you didn't do what some others did and just kill them. They're not great bees for our...
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    Re: All My Bees Are Drowning!

    I'm going to address your problem and not suggest alternatives. I have these exact feeders. I do not have problems with them. You seem to have a defective product-- maybe they accidentally overcoated...
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    Re: ACK! My Honey Tastes Horrible!

    I doubt that all of your honey will be this way. If you extract and mix all of the honey together, you probably won't be able to taste but a hint of it. Alternatively, just leave the bees any of this...
  24. Re: Will ApiLife Var cause absconding or fighting?

    Yes, I use an entrance reducer on medium and put in the mite board. I think a big factor to this is not only temperatures, but also following the directions to a 'T.' Just because it is a natural...
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    Re: new hive top feeders- bees going nuts

    I went thought most of my first season with hivetop feeders with notched inner covers above them. Then one day I saw the kind of robbing you were seeing. They didn't take any honey-- just a gallon of...
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