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  1. Re: first time grafting results good or bad?, questions

    A half bucket of 94 degree F water inside the grafting tent keeps the towel and the spray bottle warm for about 1 to 3 frames, depending on your speed. Wring out the towel right over the bucket....
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    Re: Branding your hive boxs in Alabama

    After some heartbreaking stories of stolen beehives, to me its a no-brainer.

    I wouldn't waste any more time building woodenware without a branding iron and my name, phone, and state assigned...
  3. Re: HELP! Midwest hive set up questions (newbie)

    Yes. You could set up 2 colonies, maybe even a 3rd - you have frames for 6 boxes. This gives you enough time to get started and obtain any more equipment you'll need this year. They will be a while...
  4. Re: Bee Math - all emerging workers nurse bees?

    They are house bees with various duties until about day 17 to 19, when they become entrance guards, then begin foraging for the rest of their lives - about 4 to 6 weeks in the warm season (they live...
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    Re: Question about pollen traps

    I only use pollen traps on strong hives in the peak of the nectar flow, just 2 or 3 days. I put the pollen in freezer Ziploc bags and freeze them for use later for making queens.
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    Re: No eggs yet

    They are still building the wax. Some should now be drawn out deep enough to begin laying eggs, but packages often take a while to get started. Keep feeding them.
  7. Thread: Queen envy

    by kilocharlie

    Re: Queen envy

    I'd agree with Beepro - more nurse bees in the Cell Builder, and well-fed makes for giant queens.

    Michael Palmer got me to adding a lot more bees a few years ago and the average queen cell size...
  8. Re: Queen Cells? Just how fragile are they?

    I did like Gilbert Doolittle did - make a padded container - only mine has a folded, damp, warm rag in the bottom, a dry, warm rag over it, and a layer of foam with cut-outs for the queen cells.
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    Re: OMG...I did it!

    Welcome to the Queen Rearing Club, Janne! We're all very proud of your progress.

    FWIW, my first QC frame of the year almost never goes well, but the rest are usually fine. Like Grozzie said, take...
  10. Re: Any problem with adding brood to a finisher with cells?

    I'm staggering my QC cycles 5 days apart, running 2 CB colonies. I prime one with 10 frames of capped brood, wait 5 days, prime the other with 10 frames of capped brood, wait five days, graft one,...
  11. Re: How long can you confine a virgin queen?

    One of my worries would be "Is there a DCA (drone congregating area) near the Tennessee mating yard?"

    You'd be smart to get a drone mother colony or 2 near by if there is not.

    Don't figure the...
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    Re: How does one candle Queen cells..

    Streamlight makes a great flashlight for that purpose. Set it in some kind of holder, not aiming right at your eyes, so you don't temporarily blind yourself.

    Make too many queen cells, add 2...
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    Re: First time at grafting

    I grafted 3 frames yesterday. Many of the grubs that were the right age (6- to 10 hours after hatching) were not coming out of the cell easily due to not enough royal jelly - it is a dry year here -...
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    Re: My bee hive trailer is completed!

    No offense, Beeghost, but I'm saving up for a bigger flatbed truck and a forklift. Trailers bounce too much for my bees, unless the forklift is chained down to it over the axles.

    A sideways ramp...
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    Re: diy extractor question

    A programmable speed controller won't break as many frames. Over 15 minutes, it accelerates from 1 rpm when they're still heavy with honey to about 30 rpm when they're almost dry. Of course some...
  16. Re: ML 1 Gallon Frame Feeder- Fit in a 10 Frame Deep

    I'd run a 10-frame deep on the bottom and 7 frames plus a 2-gallon feeder on top.

    A split goes on the pallet, a box with 7 foundation and a 2-gallon above. I make wooden tops with 4 holes. I make...
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    Re: entrance reducers

    Its probably a good idea to be sure that no hives are in the old locations, if you are trying to move them to a new spot in the same yard. The bees will usually try to go to the old location.
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    Re: The Slovenian Beehive Arrives in the US

    My old one was different. Just a stand with a roof that I could stack bees about 4 deeps tall with legs in the oil buckets. The table top was about 24" off the ground. It was a back saver.

    At one...
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    Re: Screened bottom or solid ?

    Solid bottom boards are for cold weather, SBB's are for the rest of the year. If using a SBB, you don't need a slatted rack - SBB's give plenty of ventilation.

    I use a dry plywood board in the SBB...
  20. Re: ok to reverse brood nest hive bodies of different sizes?

    My bees build up faster if not reversed. The peak of the bloom is just ending (still a lot of flowers, though), and many of my colonies are just now ready to raise queens. If I had reversed, I...
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    Re: Feeding Question

    Feed them a pollen substitute patty AND 1:1 cane sugar and purified water with a capful of Honey-B-Healthy.

    If you catch another tiny swarm, do a newspaper combine with the small swarm you have.
  22. Re: Ever see an entire frame of drone brood next to a frame of worker brood?

    Happens every time I add a bare frame to a brood nest, except after late summer. The bees have abnatural amounts of small, worker cells if all of your frames have 5.4mm or smaller foundation, and too...
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    Re: Is starvation really starvation?

    As soon as I see a deadout, usually from a club member or relatively new beekeeper, we send off an envelope of 100 bees and a cardboard box with a 2" x2" sample of dead brood to the Bee Research...
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    Re: How long to feed

    With package bees, it is advisable to keep on feeding them until they are well-established. They have just come through a rather traumatic experience - shaken from their home, mixed in with other...
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    Re: Wild Turkeys

    Young turkeys (less than a year old) will eat bees - insects are their main diet. I have more problems with bluebirds, mockingbirds, and a dozen other species that eat perhaps a hundred bees a day. I...
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