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  1. Re: Two questions: Verroa mites and wet-capped honey

    Looks like normal honey capping to me. The wax over honey is very thin typically.
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    Re: MAQS question

    This source quotes scientificbeekeper saying it's up to the beekeeper whether to close them off or not, but when I do it again, I'll definitely try closing them off.
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    Re: MAQS question

    I did not close off the SBB. I wonder if I should have. When I removed honey supers last week, I took the chance to go in and remove the spent strips also, and they were covered with dead mites. I'm...
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    MAQS question

    This is year 2 of keeping bees. Last year in my area, varroa mite counts were nearly non-existent. This lulled me into complacency this year, and mites in the area have been much worse. I got drop...
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    Re: Why so eager to swarm?

    I'm going with the not mated well theory. I looked in last night. While on Saturday there was plenty of larvae and brood with some eggs, last night (Wed) there were no eggs, larvae, and still plenty...
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    Why so eager to swarm?

    Who can explain bees to me? I have a hive (the one which swarmed about 2-3 weeks ago) which I inspected tonight. Last week all looked well. I had eggs again finally post swarm, and it was doing...
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    Re: lots of dead bees

    @tpbees, I came searching for this very condition. I have four hives and noticed it most around one of the four. I'm about 45 minutes north of you, and noticed about 100-200 bees last night in the...
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    How often to add winter feed?

    I have two hives, started both from packages last spring. One hive went into winter stronger than the other (in terms of numbers). They were likely equal in stores. They are both in 3 medium boxes. I...
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    Re: ECO Wood Treatment?

    I just started out last year, and I went with this product after much research. I did the insides and outsides. I had a great first year, and I like the effect. The longer the wood is in the...
  10. Thread: slatted rack

    by stwinward

    Re: slatted rack

    I also am running a custom slatted rack (9 frames in a 10 frame hive) and from what I read it was best to have them run below the frames. So I made my own w/ 9 slats only. I do have about 3 1/2...
  11. Re: Installed package on May 18th.. No brood????

    Mine were new hives, no drawn frame to start. The bees started some cells during the few days they were getting her released. At the one week mark, there was enough drawn comb to have some eggs in...
  12. Re: Installed package on May 18th.. No brood????

    We hived our two packages on 4/13. I'm not sure when the queens got released, but I'm guessing it took 2-4 days. At the first inspection on 4/20, we noticed lots of eggs in both hives but no larvae....
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    Re: People consuming bee pollen

    I had the same question yesterday and did a google search. I found this and thought it was at least an opinion. :) My secretary's been taking it this spring and swears her allergies are better this...
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    Re: Stung by a bee

    I'm new this year and getting the opportunity to try various things on stings. :) The effects seem to be lessening with each sting. I tried baking soda for a while and then ice (for about 20 minutes)...
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    Re: Gloves Make The Difference!

    Are black gloves problematic? I have some partially coated work gloves that look like this:...
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    Re: 9 frames in the brood Box

    I just started this keeping bees this year (alert: no experience speaking here), and after doing a lot of reading during the winter, I decided to try 9 frames in all 10 frame medium boxes. However, I...
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    Re: No more white hives for me

    I went for the color that Eco Wood Treatment gave me. Here is what they look like so far. 5754 Those still in my garage don't look much different than when they were new - the sun and rain darken...
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    Re: Newcomers from Utah!

    Welcome! I'm also new this year, and as a Cache Valley person, we get jealous of your warmer weather in the spring (but we love our cooler summers)! Just a tip - if you look in the top right of each...
  19. Keep using the baggie, or have the bees transition to a top feeder?

    I have a question about feeding my bees. I hived two new packages on 4/13. Weather was forecast to be cool right after they went in and was (nights in the 20s, highs in the 40s). We did hit 51 one...
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    How close should water be?

    I have two new hives. We live in the county in the middle of fields with few other houses nearby. There is a winding stream which runs about 150 yards away from the hives. Should I provide a water...
  21. Re: Just hived new packages in cool weather...

    Here's an update: I did the next day quickly remove the packages and the extra hive body surrounding it from the hives. I found that almost all the bees had left the packages and were all in a nice...
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    Re: Installing bees in bad weather

    I too am brand new and did my first two installs yesterday (so take this all with a grain of salt). The weather yesterday was upper 40s with intermittent rain and lots of wind, but that's the best...
  23. Just hived new packages in cool weather...

    I just hived my first two packages today in what I'll call cool weather. It was about 50 today, but quite blustery and occasionally raining, but the highs will be at most 45 for the next 6 days and...
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