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    Re: Selling crystallized honey in a container

    For those of you who sell crystallized honey - what containers do you use? a regular glass queenline/classic, or something with a wider mouth like a mason jar?
  2. Re: My experience with 9 frame extractor from Brushy Mountain.

    My floor is flat, so I guess that keeps it from rolling due to gravity, but when it's extracting with poorly balanced frames it just kind of oscillates back and forth, never rolling more than an inch...
  3. Re: My experience with 9 frame extractor from Brushy Mountain.

    I've got the same extractor (but with the motor) I purchased at an auction a couple years ago. One "improvement" I've made is based on a number of suggestions in various posts I've read here - I...
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    Re: homemade extractor in progress

    very nice - my first extractor was a homemade setup - mostly aluminum with a SS allthread center shaft. worked well for extracting - i powered it with a cordless drill with a clutch set on low -...
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    Re: Anyone have DIY plans for a uncapping tank ?

    I built one using a large stainless steel sink I built legs for - I use a capping scratcher & electric knife to uncap, and I scrape the cappings through the drain hole of the sink into a 5 gallon...
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    Re: tankless water heater

    I've got one in my the "cottage" at the property where my bee-yard is - I love it! I was lucky enough to buy a HD "demo/floor model" for about 1/4 the normal cost, and install it myself which made...
  7. Thread: Solar Gain Tests

    by dp2k

    Re: Solar Gain Tests

    Very interesting thread – Thank you shinbone for your work in kicking it off. If I understand the responses correctly, the most significant arguments for and against wrapping (with 15# black...
  8. Poll: Re: Do you believe that glued frames are stronger than non-glued?

    I would agree that adding glue adds to the strength of the joint. As Acebird points out, there are probably many places that could measure them in a “qualified” manner. Following on the work by...
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    Re: My crude Frame Fixture

    That is a really neat jig. I've used the "box style" jig from plans on beesource (mentioned earlier) to assemble the couple hundred frames I've built, and have always had trouble loading the sides...
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    Re: Any experience with Queenright Colonies?

    Yes - they are one of the "local" suppliers for the west side of Cleveland OH. nice people, good service (they are beeks after all). The owner is active in all the area beekeeper groups. I had a...
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