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  1. Re: Maxant 3100-H (hand crank model)... Should I order?

    And, if I do upgrade later, is it incredibly difficult to add the motor on? Or is it a fairly straight-forward process? Same quality as buying the motorized version from the get-go?
  2. Re: Maxant 3100-H (hand crank model)... Should I order?

    Thanks all! I have 8 hives currently, but only plan to extract from 4 this year. I am hoping that I will continue to grow and increase, and can upgrade to the power version when I can afford it. ...
  3. Maxant 3100-H (hand crank model)... Should I order?

    I have been using the club extractor (for free), but it doesn't do deeps. I really need the ability to extract deeps, but I am on a TIGHT budget.

    Any suggestions? I have spent countless hours...
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    Re: Bes foraging grain/feed ?

    In the spring our bees forage on the chicken feed. I believe they are after it for the protein (just like pollen), and probably signals that they are gearing up for brood.
  5. Re: What price to charge for strong beehives I have to sell?

    If you are certain you want to sell them let me know. I live in Northern KY and would be interested in purchasing them.
  6. Re: Allow aggressive hive to requeen or use queen from different genetics?

    Sadly I am in a similar situation, but in Northern KY. I have a hive that started as a nuc purchased this spring (from Kelley, I think from down in Alabama or something). They are crazy aggressive,...
  7. Re: Beekeeper demographics - Ratio of male to female keepers

    I am a wife, a mother to a wonderful 4-year-old son, and a beekeeper. I enjoy it tremendously. My grandfather was a beekepeer, but so was my great-grandmother.
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    Re: Extractor question

    Cold water and a garden hose. Hot water smears beeswax and becomes a terrible mess.
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    Re: foundationless questions

    I am using the Kelley foundationless frames with the built in guide. So far they haven't messed it up much, so I guess they figured it out just fine.
  10. Re: Best supplier for honey storage containers?

    I have been really happy with all of the containers that I have purchased from Dadant in Frankfort, KY.

    I have used these 1 lb glass Classic jars:...
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    Re: Nectar flow map and guidlines.

    Very cool! Thanks!
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    5/14/2013 in KY 41031 caught a swarm about 25 feet up in tree. Temperature was near 80 degrees and very breezy.
  13. Thread: swarm time

    by StacieM

    Re: swarm time

    Wow! That is a lot of bees! My husband called this afternoon and said someone collected a huge swarm yesterday in a neighboring county. I hope everyone has a successful swarm season!
  14. Thread: swarm time

    by StacieM

    Re: swarm time

    Awesome! Where are you located? I'm crossing my fingers for some swarms.
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    Re: Identifying which hive is hot - an idea

    Are you certain the bees in your yard are from your hives? If not, the bees that are bothering you may not even be yours.
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    Re: New in Kentucky

    Welcome! Where abouts in KY are you located? I'm in Pendleton County.
  17. Re: Anyone in north/central Kentucky seeing swarms?

    Thanks! I have a few swarm traps out and have been regularly posting on FB and Craigslist, and so far no one around me has even reported seeing one. I am in Pendleton Co, about an hour north of...
  18. Anyone in north/central Kentucky seeing swarms?

    I haven't heard of any in my area. Last year I caught a swarm on April 27th, but I know we are obviously not having weather like last year. Has anyone in Kentucky (especially north and central KY)...
  19. Re: How often do you inspect your hives? And do you smoke during inspection?

    I am inspecting the new packages about every 5 days or so (weather permitting, and this year has been lots of cold, windy, and rainy weather). Mostly I am looking for signs my queens are doing well...
  20. Thread: mating queens

    by StacieM

    Re: mating queens

    Are you sure there isn't a young queen in there?
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    Re: What to do with extra queen?

    Thanks! I am going to try to take some drawn comb and bees from my other hives and put them in a nuc with her.
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    What to do with extra queen?

    Through a communication error, both my husband and I ordered a replacement queen for our queenless hive (a package install on 4/7 that lost the queen). So on Saturday I installed the new queen, and...
  23. Re: What's the biggest mistake (s) you made starting out?

    I started with one hive. I should have had two. I started it from a swarm, it produced lots of honey, overwintered well until our erratic freeze/thaw cycle got it and they starved/froze. It has...
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    Re: Ticks-can't take it any longer. What to do/

    I am having the same problem. We have a 20 acre farm, and probably keep 4 acres mowed, and probably have 10 acres of woods. The rest is overgrown pasture. Even in the areas right around the house,...
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    Re: Should I ASSUME that I am queenless?

    The majority of the bees were on the frames of honey (eating), and the brood comb was pretty much completely empty. They are acting a little aggressive, lots of head butting when I opened it up.
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