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  1. Re: Just added new honey super w/no comb should I feed sugar water?

    If the bottom deep was full and needing brood space, and the top deep was completely full of stroes....then putting medium super between lets them have brood expansion as they can draw the medium...
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    Re: Refilling existing baggies?

    I dont think most people would use a whole roll.
  3. Re: leave partial supers on? flow is over... they need winter honey

    I am in an NC county just above the Upstate of SC.

    Many around here winter in a single deep with a shallow super. Two mediums should be fine.

    I would keep a few of those frames of honey and...
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    Re: Drone Question

    I give mine a few of frames with a chunk of foundation cut out. This way they can make drones if they want. I let the bees decide.
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    Re: Removing bees from honey supers

    I used plastic queen excluders with paper towels taped between them as a fume board. Sprayed towels with the almond cherry smelling stuff. Lifted lids, placed the QE-fume board, covered with a...
  6. Re: Tired of plastic honey gates but I won't spend $999 on Maxant bottling either. Id

    i bought a cheap plastic gate. i will be suffering with it tonight. need to order a metal one. glad i saw this thread.

    no need for a fork lift yet. both hubby and I can lift the 4 gallon...
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    Re: VIVO honey extractor modifications

    i bought a 9 frame at brushy mt. it is an saf natura. nice and sturdy. the fit and finish is also good. was planning to get to 10 hives, but a good deal on the extractor diverted 400.00 of my bee...
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    Re: Ultra Breeze hood alternative?

    you have to move both zipper pulls to the end before removing. the outer one will be pushing against the litte end cap then the other will butt against it like two train cars then you can take the...
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    Re: Swarm, rain, swarm, rain, on and on

    seems to me that a nuc that has swarmed a couple of times might be too small to be in double deeps withy a medium on top.

    any chance these colonies have too much space to manage and are bailing...
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    Re: Honey bees and red clover

    It seems that back in the day bees were working red clover as they are today. They do in my pastures.

    It was my understanding that years back some did not, but when people started using larger...
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    Re: When to harvest honey

    I would do as Tim suggested. If there is still a flow when getting built frames back, they can fill them in a hurry.

    I took honey to make room last year as I had not extra supers etc, but did...
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    Re: Bee Suit Cleaning

    I had no wax on mine and washed it in the washing machine, on a short gentle cycle and spun it. I took the suit out and let it air dry.

    Had it had wax on it, I would have washed it by hand in a...
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    Re: Who makes the best vented bee jacket

    this is true. I usually wear shorts and a tank or less under mine in the summer. I have surf style swim or work out wear that is used. I have at times gone down in just undies.

    my bees are...
  14. Re: tips for harvesting without queen excluders

    I always act like there is a queen on each and every frame. I used the almond stink as you do, but for much less time. I then move the super to a wheel barrow and then check each frame for...
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    Re: Entrance reducers can get HOT!

    I have plastic reducers for this reason in case I need some. so far I have not used them as reducers. I have however used them with paper toweling taped to/between them with almond smelling...
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    Re: Buildin Stuff

    Consider buying your boxes flat packed. There are some ebay sellers who have bundles for reasonable prices if you are too far from a supplier.

    You can get them this way from most beekeeping...
  17. Re: What's a good healthy hive look like in july????

    You could always remove honey frames and open up the brood boxes a bit.
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    Re: THickness for pants

    I wear a full ultrabreeze. I adjust for weather as needed with what I wear under it......or not. Lol. The bees show no preference for color or brand of panties.
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    Re: To smoke or not

    The smoker is a tool just like the hive tool and veil. I have it on hand, I light up almost every trip where I intend to open up and pull frames. If just checking supers or feeding etc I will...
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    Re: Unhappy Neighbors

    Give them water sources and add a salt lick under a shelter. If you bave 17 acres do your bees really have to be oy a few feet from the property line?
  21. Re: Fact or Fiction: Storing supers wet prevents wax moths

    I have less than 2 years experience and would not try this. I know people with active hives full of bees and honey woth wax moth problems.

    Even if you dont get moths, what about ants and...
  22. Re: Package bees from May still not drawing out frames???

    I would give the weekest hive a frame of brood. This way they have young bees and comb to lay more in.
  23. Re: Lot of Bees hanging out in Early Afternoon

    You got them hooked on smoking and they are not allowed to smoke inside.
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    Sticky: Re: staple gun for supers

    Its safer to hand the kids a cordless screwdriver and a box of screws.
  25. Re: new swarm caught in May, feeding and added boxes, but not pulling comb

    If they were mine, I would check for frames that were all honey. These are usually to the outside. If there were several in both deeps, full on honey and no brood, I would remove a couple from each...
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