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    Re: Need Help... are my bees being robbed??!!

    It really sounds like you may be dealing with a pre-swarm situation, not robbing - the buzzing and lack of bees physically fighting is what makes me think this.

    If it is a swarm (and it really...
  2. Re: Hive swarmed and came right back to orignally hive!!!!

    My bees did this exact thing two times in a week. I think that the queen didn't make it out with the swarm for some reason, or that it was some sort of practice run :)

    I did a split, but I think I...
  3. Atlanta: My flow may not be quite over yet :)

    Well, privet is wrapping up and the Tulip Poplars stopped about a month ago. But I've noticed my bees going hard still. Well today I think I figured it out: my son's elementary school has an entire...
  4. Re: Gooey white pupae being cleaned out by the bee's

    I've had Small Hive Beetles cause this as well - the larvae root through the comb and kill the pupae. Keep an eye out for these when you inspect...
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    Re: Help...What is the best way to light a smoker?

    Don (The Fat Bee Man) made a *really* useful video on how to get your smoker going. Since I saw this my smoker has actually worked for me :)

    Here's the link - definitely check it out....
  6. Re: seeing a few beetles ... what should we use ?

    I'm only on my 2nd year so that may exclude my input on this thread, but in the event it's valuable to other readers later on I'll post because I spent a huge amount of time thinking about my beetle...
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    Re: Providing Water For the Bees

    I put some fresh water in a little plastic tub, then added two landscaping bricks to it for them to sip off of. The bricks actually wick the water up (note: it takes some time to happen) and the bees...
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    Re: Can bees sting through kitchen gloves?

    Yeah I was impressed by one determined little bee who nailed the tip of my thumb through my leather glove. At that point I realized that I could get stung through most anything!

    I did a double...
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    Re: FatBeeMan vandalized (hives poisoned)

    I had just been to his Nuc yard (he's got several - this is but one) the week before when I purchased a queen from him. It was awesome to see all of those Nucs humming along and to see his operation...
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    Re: Introducing Myself, Shenandoah Valley, VA

    Welcome to this incredibly addictive site!
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    Re: Ticks-can't take it any longer. What to do/

    I have used diatomacheous earth and it really helps kill them - totally natural and lethal. Just be careful and keep it away from your bees. If they get in it they're dead.

    I started dusting my...
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    Re: best nuc boxes for the price

    I made a couple of nucs last weekend - for now I'm building mediums, so I find myself modifying plans. I wanted to build some that were modular - i.e. boxes, with a separate bottom and covers. That...
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    Re: Too late in the year to start a hive?

    I picked up a nuc late last summer and they over wintered just fine. I fed them through mid December though - they built up nice and strong and exploded in the spring. In GA you should be able to get...
  14. Re: My Boneheaded move during inspection and my attempted recovery: what would you do

    @tommysnare: question about your split idea - I was considering that too, but the reason why I didn't was because of attendant bees. I was hoping to shake a couple of frames worth of bees into the...
  15. Re: My Boneheaded move during inspection and my attempted recovery: what would you do

    Ah yes, good call. I actually tried that by pressing my ear to the side of the hives but I couldn't discern a difference - I bet if I would have used your technique it would have worked. Nice one,...
  16. My Boneheaded move during inspection and my attempted recovery: what would you do?

    Ok here's a thought experiment for you - this is both for advanced and beginners alike. Beginners, learn from my mistake. Experts, please enlighten us :)

    This is my first year actually managing...
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    Re: swarm left, then came back

    I had this happen two times in one week in late Feb - my overwintered hive exploded on me and I wasn't prepared for it, being new to my second season. Both times the swarm came back.

    Did a frantic...
  18. Thread: Negril, Jamaica

    by mcauth

    Re: Negril, Jamaica

    I remember seeing a TON of bees at the resort when I took the family there last year - they would be all over the outdoor bars sipping on the lemonade and other sweet drinks at all the outdoor drink...
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    Re: My first week of beekeeping

    Wow @nhbuckeye, very nice recovery and some quick thinking on your part - nicely done and congrats on the save!
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    Re: Dead larva and pupa

    I'm not an expert by any means, but when I got eaten up by SHB larvae last season in a weak hive they had eaten through pupae cells and the undertaker bees were carrying them out by the dozen - a...
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    Re: Newbie-please tell me if this looks OK?

    I think I see some eggs in the top part of picture 5 - the second row below the finger on the right hand side (the viewer's right) looks to have some eggs, but it could be the camera angle....
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    Re: NUCs as a growing hive?

    I second that - sounds really interesting Don, I'd love to see what you're setting up if you're comfortable sharing it.
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    Re: NUCs as a growing hive?

    That's very interesting Don. I *think* (someone correct me if I am wrong) that a 5 frame deep nuc has the same volume as an 8 frame medium, so maybe the tall, narrow form factor makes for better heat...
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    NUCs as a growing hive?

    Hi all - wanted to float this observation and a question for you all. One my suppliers out here in GA had a bunch of NUCs stacked up, some as high as 4 or 5 boxes high. Those bees there thriving.
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    Re: Thirsty Bees Closer Look

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these.
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