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    Bee's from Texas and African bees

    I have been reading up on a treatment free Bees from a place in Texas I wont name. Due to respect. I am thinking of getting a package from them this spring before they sell out...., but I am worried...
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    Re: My recipe/method for sugar blocks

    From all I been told its no worse than making sugar syurp.... The same rules apply...... Don't scorch it and the bees will be fine....

    Scorched sugar will kill bees.......

    I even tasted mine to...
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    Heard a taLL tail. Is it true?

    I heard a story the a few weeks back about a Bee Keeper who runs 3 deep brood boxes and requeens ever year. His hive produce about 500 pounds of honey per year per hive ... Is this BS or no?????
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    Re: My recipe/method for sugar blocks

    I have been using the MCamp method. Tonight I mixed up about 10 cups of sugar with a few teaspoons of HBH. I put it in the oven for 10 mins until the oven hit 350 then took it out. Let it harden and...
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    Re: plastic vs wax foundation

    In my first year. I purchased plastic foundation for my hive...... Which I might ad I never used and is still in my shop untouched...

    I was scared from all I read that the Bee's were very slow to...
  6. Honey Bees made the Bumble Bees leave

    I noticed that before. We started Bee Keeping bumble Bees were ever where drilling holes i etc . Basicly pest..... We had a huge colony inside a old barn.....

    In our first year of Bee Keeping,...
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    Re: School me on doing a split.

    Can you give me a guess of how long it would take a hive like this one . To build back up in the spring large enough to do a healthy split?
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    Re: School me on doing a split.

    Yes it is a strong hive... At the end of spring there were a total of at least 15 or more frames of brood and the others mixes with honey and pollen. The 2 med supers were drawn out and filled with a...
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    School me on doing a split.

    Ok the past spring. I started out with 2 packages of bees. One grew quiet huge......

    I know this coming spring I will have to split it or risk a swarm......
    But , I am not quiet sure how to go...
  10. Re: General Questions Before I Get Started

    I cant speak for kids , but if you have pets>>>>>>
    I would put my dogs a good pace from them, especialy if there caged...

    My black lab found out quickly bees do not like the color black.... She...
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    Catching swarms in the spring.

    Id like to know . If I catch a swarm this coming spring. Do I need to start them off in a nuc? Or can I just start them off in a regular 10 frame deep????

    I don't want to invest in a nuc if I can...
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    Re: I am losing a lot of bees.

    I don't have the same problem , but would also like to know the answer to that also. Incase I ever do.....
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    Freeman Small Hive Beetle trap

    Man these things work year round.......... I followed Jerry's advise to use them year round..... Man it surprises me how many they catch even into the fall.....

    I didn't notice a lot during the...
  14. Re: Hello! Ask This Old House brought me here!

    I saw that episode this morning myself. Great that it brought you onto a Bee Forum.......
    Some things they did were not standard practice though.
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    Re: Deciding where to purchase first bees

    Well if you are like me. There are not many options other than mail order or drive 4 hours!!!!!! So that leaves you only a few choices...
    I live far away from any Bee Keepers who sale Bee's... ...
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    Re: quilt box

    Are these needed in the South??? I have never heard of using quild boxes or cedar shavings around here.

    From what I see these boxes are just basicly a super with a solid bottom drilled full of...
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    Re: Ultimate In-Hive Feeders

    As a new Beek. I tried em all..... The best thing I found is a one gallon paint can that lowes sells for 1.50...... Buy a couple drill a few very small holes in the lid fill it with Sugar syurp. Turn...
  18. Entrance reducer. Which hole this time of year?

    I thought about reducing my hives down to the smallest hole 3/8 on my entrance reducer ....
    But am worried that the smallest hole will be to small for my larger hive. and am also worrier that my 3...
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    Mouse guards

    What size hardware cloth do I need for mouse guards??
    I want to just be able to cut and staple the wire mesh to the hives.
  20. Jars and Honey bears Cheapest place to buy.

    Ok guys, Where is the cheapest place to buy jars and the little plastic honey bears?

    This last season I used some old mason jars but those get costly..... I didn't mind as much because ,I had no...
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    Re: Excluder or Not

    I started from a package this year. I put a excluder on one hive and left it off the other....... It didn't take me long to figure out. A Queen excluder slows down the bees..... So I opted to go...
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    Raising my own Queens.

    This may have been asked before, but how easy is it to raise your on Queens?
    I have thought about it but have not seen many Bees in my area..... Other than my 2 hives....
    So my first thought is...
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    Re: fumagilin B

    I have some I bought and would like to sell! I was going to use it but I found out its not really needed in the South.....
    Its still in the package inside my fridge....
  24. Early Spring Queens vs late Spring Queens(requeen or not)

    Is there much difference in the Queens we get in the Early Spring and the ones we get Later in Spring?

    I have been told the ones in late spring seem to be mated better... Is that BS or no?

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    Homemade Extractor

    Has anyone built a homemade extractor? I am a new Bee Keeper and must use the crush and strain method to get my honey....
    I don't have enough cash for a store bought one.... 500-800 bucks.....
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