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  1. Re: Why do Male Drones Bees Die after mating mating

    Yeah, they get a random half = 16 of the queens 32 chromosomes so (discounting any genetic defects), the drone contribution from a colony would have 2 distinct genetic variants.

    Drones wander...
  2. Re: Why do Male Drones Bees Die after mating mating

    There is no "best drone" rather there is a best queen and she asserts her presence by putting out MORE drones. A drone is haploid, having only one set of chromosomes from the queen. An incomplete...
  3. Re: Frame and wax foundation mismatch or bad quality control.

    Dadant sells grooved bottoms for their wax foundation. Mann Lake sells split bottoms for "their" wax foundation. Dadant has a foundation mill. Mann Lake does not have a foundation mill. It is...
  4. Re: which of the worker bees leave with a primary swarm?

    Having listened to J. Rangel quoting works from T. Seeley the other evening, I'm going with 70-75% of the bees left with the primary swarm and they were mostly "middle aged workers." These would be...
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    Re: smoker fuel

    A single match, a crumpled piece of newspaper and oak.

    500 Fires... thats the number.

    It isn't about what you burn, it's about practice.

    You can burn anything organic and produce smoke.
  6. Re: Colony with one box is full. Do I add a new brood box will all frames?

    All this rain in central Texas is washing out the nectar and has us in somewhat of a dearth. Many have started feeding when we should have been adding honey supers.

    Bad timing for splits =...
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    Re: pine 1x10 lumber boards

    A 1x8 has a better yield for mediums, a 1x10 will have quite a bit of waste.

    In theory an 8 foot board makes 1.25 boxes but, cracked ends an ill-placed knot holes often means only 1 box out of a...
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    Re: Supply List for Assembling Frames?

    Compressor and a cheapo Harbor Freight Stapler - other than that, the same equipment. For wedges I switch to a 1/2" narrow crown staple (the T-50 doesn't have enough attachment for me). For wiring,...
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    Re: SHB Larvae question

    I'd theorize the maggots and other insects drowned in the juice of the rotting cantaloupe may provide as adequate a protein source as brood, pollen or dead bees. A somewhat "meaty" piece of rotten...
  10. Re: Beginner question: deep frame nuc in medium... then what?

    When I first started, I pushed to get into mediums but couldn't get there with all the hives. The next spring, the hives that I didn't get to had moved up out of the bottom deep so I took the now...
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    Re: SHB Larvae question

    We were inspecting a hive the other day (not ours) where a feeder had leaked onto a bottom board and there was a mass of stuck and drowned bees as well. The bottom board was loaded with SHB larvae...
  12. Thread: Comb honey

    by ChuckReburn

    Re: Comb honey

    I run foundationless for comb honey. Placed in between drawn frames, I get perfectly drawn comb. When there's too much empty space, they tend to make the newly drawn comb for honey super thick...
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    Re: bees became mean

    What is your process for opening the hive? Are you lightly smoking the entrance, sliding bars back to enter from the empty end, keeping a little smoke in the air, using a little smoke to push them...
  14. Re: Need resource ideas to prepare talk to culinary students Re: HONEY

    I'd also add that using honey in the comb opens up a whole new range of possibilities in the culinary world. We plate honey comb with cheese (typically brie) and raspberries and serve with a sliced...
  15. Re: Need resource ideas to prepare talk to culinary students Re: HONEY

    Most people have no idea there are varietals and the most interesting point for foodies may be the last in this list. . A dark honey like Tallow or Buckwheat would be great in an oatmeal cookie...
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    Re: What are your thoughts on queen excluders

    I feel the same way about excluders as guns.
    - They are a tool and when used properly serve a legitimate purpose
    - When a tool is used improperly, it fails to achieve the desired result
    - People...
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    Re: What is "Aggressive"?

    You weren't using smoke, were removing frames and brushing bees. A lot of bees flying around is a direct result of not using smoke and using a brush. 1 sting in a glove (I'm guessing you squished...
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    Re: Old comb in swarm trap

    I spray the old comb I put in traps with BT so the wax moths don't eat it up - works great for me. When you say you captured a swarm, does that mean you opened the trap and noted several frames full...
  19. Re: Converting a top bar hive to a langstoth

    17 inch bars fit inside a Langstroth frame between the 2 end bars. Pop them in a deep frame, trim the bottom flush with the bottom bar and put 2 small screws through the top bar to hold it in place...
  20. Poll: Re: If you could start again, what size would you standardise on?

    8 frame. I tried doing all mediums but couldn't get out of deeps. We do removals where the cut comb better fits a deep and take in hot hives, which inevitably are in double deeps and get split 4...
  21. Re: New UPS rules for shipping bees? Anyone know more about this?

    Two changes will likely be coming: Packages will include fondant rather than sugar syrup and they'll revert back to the old wooden cages - the new plastic cages had a habit of deforming and leaking...
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    Re: Follower board and how many bars

    You got it. My wife should have some pics at

    We live in Austin but have land just north of Big Bend National Park. 80 acres bordering 1,000 acres of family land (not much...
  23. Re: Newbee planning to go foundationless - what frames to get?

    Any frames will do. The Kelley F-Frames are particularly nice. No need to add wax.
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    Re: Follower board and how many bars

    Build all the bars you need (and a few extra).
    Follower boards are debateable but I don't think they hurt as long as you keep up with moving them.
    I can't view the pic but, we run (4) 1" holes and...
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    Re: Spring is late in northeast Texas

    We were in Brenham over the weekend and Bluebonnets were coming on strong in spots and I saw an odd patch of Blanket Flower. It's coming your way...
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