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    Re: Newcomer building custom warre hive

    WOW! I've had complete the opposite experience from odfrank. I guess it comes down to if you want to constantly fiddle around "inside" the boxes, or leave the girls alone to do thier thing. Granted...
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    Re: Hive humidity - how much is too much?

    As mgstei1 indicated, Houston humidity around 75% on average. I'm on the NE of Houston with 2 Warre hives, second year. Obviously our temps not as extreme as yours shinbone, but the quilt on top of...
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    Re: Post your bloom dates 2014!

    Golden Rod started blooming 4/10; Golden Rain Tree started blooming a week ago with flow and about 1/2 finished.
    NE side Houston,Tx
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    Re: Rethinking it.

    Looks exactly like the inside of my Warre hive. Treatment free too.
  5. Re: To be treatment free, get treatment free bees to begin with

    And yet, a 3lb package from B.Weaver has worked great so far here in Houston in my Warre hive. Second hive I started April this year was from a swarm caught at the airport. It will interesting to see...
  6. Re: It worked the way Warre said it could...

    I'm trying to do this "experiment" as "intervention free" as possible. Yes, I've read about v-mites, tracheal mites, various foul broods ,etc,etc,etc. But I'm a pretty firm believer it...
  7. Re: It worked the way Warre said it could...

    Bonnie, I did not feed the hive near the end of the year. I left them all they collected and figured from hefting the hive in late Sept/early Oct the hive had about 20lbs of honey to make...
  8. It worked the way Warre said it could...

    1---winter of 2012/2013, did a lot of reading and finally built the bee hives to Warre's specifications per the Warre hive plans link on this website. Cut one piece of wood for one, might as well cut...
  9. Re: Best technique to harvest honey from a Warrè?

    I did pretty much what Oldtimer suggests. I laid the box on its side, combs vertical, bottom facing the hive. I used a combination of smoking/leafblower to get them out of the box. This was after...
  10. Thread: Mowing?

    by Houstonbees

    Re: Mowing?

    I don't even "make an attempt" to mow the grass without wearing the full bee suit. I figure, why tempt fate? I've gotten away with it in the past, and I've been buzzed and thumped too. Right now, at...
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    Re: Freshman and Warre hives

    Running solid bottom boards on my two hives, seems to work ok. I've tried standard Warre opening of 120cm and full width opening and noted the full width opening leads to less bearding. The girls...
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    Re: Freshman and Warre hives

    More information needed. When were these hives started---packages or swarms? what is meant by "so-so" and "bad condition"? As a reference: I've got two Warres's, one started last year with a 3lb...
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    Re: How did you get into beekeeping?

    Swarms kept landing at the big airport where I work here in Houston. A local beekeeper/mechanic kept capturing those swarms and adding to his apiary. He's now retired but still keeps bees for...
  14. Re: European Bee health reportedly better than claimed

    Like PUTTING the fox in the henhouse. What a load of hogwash.
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    Re: Week 3 - Check and questions....

    Rubbing alcohol dissolves and takes off the honey. Just don't spray it around the hive or on the bees, it's lethal for them.
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    Re: Is all of this management necessary?

    I shall leave the dog sleeping on the porch.
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    Re: Is all of this management necessary?

    To be sure, I was not advocating NOT doing any of the following if needed:
    ""While the bees are astoundingly hardy and rescourceful creatures, their odds of success have been enormously increased...
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    Re: Is all of this management necessary?

    Go here-- investigate the thoughts and theories of "nestdurftwarmebindung"(about 2/3 of the way down on the website). In a nutshell---bees communicate in the hive via...
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    Re: Is all of this management necessary?

    Well, your're trying to get a conversation started that examines the distinct differences between heavily managed bee keeping/honey production as opposed to "newer" hobby bee keeping. The newer hobby...
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    Re: Mowing around the hives

    I've had the same happen here in Houston with my Warre hives in the past few weeks. Eventhough the hives are in the far corner of the backyard, passing by with the lawnmower gets me an immediate...
  21. Re: Bees Seem to Be Going A Bit Crazy After Adding Boxes Yesterday

    Adding two boxes in one go is too much in my opinion. Should have gone with one box when the BOTTOM one is 1/2 to 2/3 full with a good nectar flow. THat approach has worked best with the Warre's I've...
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    Re: Nadire another box?

    Google Warre bee hive lift. What a joy to have and use. Slows things down considerably and makes it easier to work your hive(s).
  23. Re: Can someone explain to me how the bars in a Warre work?

    Got my broken airplane out of town and another chance to look online. Here's the link I was talking about from regarding a hive lift--- Take a look at...
  24. Re: Can someone explain to me how the bars in a Warre work?

    Ok, my first post on this website/forum as I've been keeping up with other Warre information, etc. on and the Yahoo group dedicated to Warre's. forum dedicated to Warre's is...
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