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  1. How to spin honey out of wax in a Kelley two frame extractor?

    What kind of holder can I build to hold wax cappings that I can slip down into the extractor?
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    Re: honey production in middle tn

    I've got 5 medium boxes left to add foundation to and then I've got to use some brood boxes on top for the final month of the honey flow (with over 35 production boxes I've got to start pulling...
  3. Down to supers with only foundation so I forgot how to get them up and working them!

    Pull the two outside frames that have wax, place them in the center of the new super and spray with sugar water? And hope that they start before running out of room. I use Illinois mediums most of...
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    Re: Main spring flow

    When white wax shows up in frames with new nectar in cells plus bees no longer interested in sugar water in feeders. You can't depend on the what day of the month it is.
  5. Re: A little advice on a laying worker hive, please.

    I would skake them out about 100 feet from your hive. Only pull the frames with brood on them, ie: drone brood. My experience the laying workers won't make it back to the hive and then add another...
  6. White comb in supers and queen cells, East Tn.

    Still a load of fresh honey in top supers and they are starting to produce a lot of new wax.
    One of my stronger hives had seven queen cells and it was jammed packed with pollen, drones and honey....
  7. Re: Looking for mid to late summer pollen plants

    Sumac species and sourwood trees are another option. Fragrant sumac (R. aromatica), Smooth sumac (Rhus glabra) and staghorn sumac (R. typhina); would give you an additional two to three weeks. Find...
  8. CRISPR, tidal wave of genetic modifications coming real soon?

    I'm shocked this isn't really big news yet! Is it real?
  9. Re: Got drones? In East Tn it's getting hot and heavy!

    I remember well the cold snap last year during the first week of the Tulip Popular bloom in late April but three of my hives are stacked up with three medium supers and two deeps. Got to do something...
  10. Got drones? In East Tn it's getting hot and heavy!

    Bees are packing in the maple nectar (like a super full from last week) and making lots of drones. No new wax or queen cells yet but I'm going to set up my cell maker next week. I checker boarded...
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    Re: Queens from Honey Bee Genetics

    They act more like pure carni than russians. If you put them in a 5 frame nuc they will quickly hit the trees after 5 weeks. I've use Honey Bee Genetics for the past three years, they make good yugo...
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    Re: Splitting my BB tree

    Keep the root area wet in peat moss and it will take root quickly.
    I would wait till warm weather to try this.
  13. Re: Pollen coming in Feb 1 2016 Sale Creek TN.

    Check for swamp maple or silver maple. Most likely found in creek bottoms or wet areas. Which side of 41 Hwy are you?
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    Re: 2.5 lb packages vs 3 lb packages

    Give them a frame of brood and a frame with wax and they will take off and out perform the 3# by a mile.
  15. Re: Wild bees, distance from bait per minute round trip.

    I'm open feeding Pro Bee right now and you can see the bees coming and going out to 35 yards. They are almost white when they roll the protein mix, I'm sure during this time of year a pollen sub...
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    Re: Nuc box as tool box?

    20 gal plastic boxes at Walmart works well for me, waterproof and has a snap on lid that won't blow off.
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    Re: Help With Spring Management

    Or try starter strips in some brood chamber frames, since you have more that five hives you could steal one frame of each hive and replace with a starter strip frame. Do this once you see white new...
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    Re: Help With Spring Management

    #1 Swarm Prevention,
    Number 1 is give the production hives lots of space come late March and checkerboard the feeder super to expand the brood space. So you need to have lots of honey supers with...
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    Re: no cook sugar brick is a joke

    SHB don't fly this time of year or move up from the soil, so any in the hives will just run around till they find your protein patty and then you have problems if you don't change the patty out after...
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    Germany Carnica breeding program?

    Does anybody know the specifics on what the Institute for Bee Research Hohen Neuendorf Germany is doing?
    Read a short chapter in "Queen Breeding and Genetics - How to get better bees" by Eigil Holm....
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    Re: North American Honey Bee Forage Map

    "Table produced by George S. Ayers and Jay R. Harman, both of Michigan State University, and provided in Chapter 11 (Bee Forage of North America and the Potential for Planting for Bees) of the book...
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    Re: Dry Bee-Pro Feeder?

    Place Bee-Pro out about 25 yards away from your hives and they will find it on warm days (> 55 degree F). Don't let it get too much rain on the pile and they will come and get it if they need it....
  23. Re: Its going to be a good year or its going to be a bad year!

    Well it all depends on decisions. With above average temps for the first half of winter, high population numbers in most of my hives compared to last three years, most hives have good stores, and two...
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    Re: What an odd season...

    Silver Maple/swamp maple will be blooming within a week in Tennessee, now let's see if the weather holds and the sun shines enough to generate some natural nectar flow.
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    Re: Winter weather, what's winter?

    So far it's been cold/cool on West Coast, rocky mountain states get snow and anything east of Denver is getting the southern jet with gulf air and lots of rain. I've started putting on the sugar...
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