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  1. Re: Any ideas for bee friendly hedge plantings in the midwest ?

    Planted some pussy willow this spring, 2 ft transplants; they doubled in size with only minimal care on heavy grey clay .
  2. Re: Any tips or tricks for wearing cheater glasses under your veil ?

    Thanks for all the responses
  3. Any tips or tricks for wearing cheater glasses under your veil ?

    This year saw me needing to wear .5x magnifying glasses under my veil to see eggs and small larvae. This has caused me to bumble with frame handling and manipulation, and I have not found a good way...
  4. Thread: Bee Pro Patties

    by spunky

    Re: Bee Pro Patties

    I place a hamburger size patty on the top frames, then cover with 2 sheets of black and white newspaper and 5lb of sugar ontop. My bees wont touch the patties if natural pollen is coming in . For me...
  5. Re: Fall forage - anything besides goldenrod and asters?

    Nothing here en mass as I can tell, bees just bringing in grain dust; both hives are taking 2:1 with mega bee mixed in.
  6. Re: Before/After Pics Virgin then Mated, Laying Queen

    Thanks for posting these pics- quite informative
  7. Re: When to plant Crimson clover in the midwest ???

    I found this clover to be to " tender " and the small patch I planted out in the open did not flower; the patch on the east side of the barn did fine. Its bloom length and fragility isnt worth to me;...
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    Re: Mated, laying queens for sale

    I spoke with canoemaker on the phone and he had a nice fat queen here 3 days later. He is very helpful and knowledgeable, and I am sorry about his loss of hives due to the hurricane.
  9. Re: Anyone compared feeding pollen patties to feeding pollen sub mixed in syrup

    I contacted a Megabee rep for what you stated rookie2531 and the syrup has to be 2:1 and I used a blender for 3 min for and it did stay completely suspended. Not a big deal for a small time...
  10. Anyone compared feeding pollen patties to feeding pollen sub mixed in syrup

    I am wondering if anyone has done side by side tests on this ? I have 2 large patties left over from spring and wonder if I should just use them or mix some dry feed up in some 2 :1

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    Re: Bumper crop Goldenrod

    Yea me too. I am 30 miles NW of you and I can smell my one hive from 3 feet away; smells like a sugary sweat sock
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    Re: alfalfa, do tell

    Good luck Aunt betty I am in the same area as you , pickins are slim , like the honey crops
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    Re: Milkweed, swamp milkweed

    This is my first yr with swamp milkweed. Stratified in the fridge for 60 days with wet sand and got about a 30% germ rate. It grew quickly and flowered it first yr. Most are 3 ft tall and...
  14. Thread: Ironweed

    by spunky

    Re: Ironweed

    I havent seen the honeybees on the common Ironweed around my place, other bees yes
  15. Thread: Gloves

    by spunky

    Re: Gloves

    I have the canvas gloves with gauntlets from Mann Lake. I have have never been stung thru them and they seem to run slightly larger than other companies
  16. Re: Plastic foundation accepted, plastic frames, polished clean...

    I havent noticed any difference with the pierco black frames and the wood/plastic natural color frames. Eggs are sure alot easier to spot on the black though
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    Re: What's your view on swarms?

    The one hive I had that swarmed had a weak queen which had to be replaced. Me, I personally dont prefer it .
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    Re: Should I Be Feeding With All This Rain?

    yes, it is super wet here also . I agree with the above poster and I am also feeding 1: 1
  19. Re: Old Beeks: Have you built up any immunity to stings?

    After 9 yrs I notice no difference in pain or swelling, minor in both aspects. I always wear at least a veil. Why , see above photo . I didnt wear a veil when changing hive top mason jar feeders a...
  20. Re: Fact or Fiction: Storing supers wet prevents wax moths

    Yea Fiction, tore thru all my comb in 2013 irregardless of type
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    Re: Winter prep for new keeper.

    I brought 2 single deeps through the winter ( SW Indiana ) that started off as 1 single package split in June with zero drawn comb in April.

    1) Hives were on concrete blocks with straw bales in...
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    Re: which one do you perfer and why

    In order

    wood with plastic- so easy to fix wax moth damage and irregular comb- bees seem to draw natural faster than black- wood ears easier to pry loose than plastic

    Pierco black- great stuff,...
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    Re: Megabee powder - use unmixed?

    I used it this spring instead of bee-pro , due to the commentary of how easily dissolved it was on 1: 1 syrup. Both hives ( 8 frames of bees ) took it down fine for 2 1/2 quarts. As soon as the...
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    Re: How long do most neew beekeepers keep at it?

    I am 9 yrs in and if I had it to do again , I wouldnt do it. If someone would of explained to me this is just a different form of livestock farming I would of never took the plunge. It is addicting...
  25. Re: Help!! Queenless swarm under screened bottom board

    I had this happen twice this under screened bottom boards first one, scooped up rehived them no problem ; second group ( Russian x's ) and got about 20 stings total front and back
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