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  1. Re: How to determine 'the week before swarming'

    I count the start of swarming season as March 1 and it runs through June. Some years you can get an early swarm the end of February, but usually not.
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    Re: Purchased queens success

    I bought 3 queens from Michael Palmer the last half of July. They have a small cluster with good stores in 8 frame deep singles. I'll give update next year on their performance... Vermont queens in...
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    Re: Very small swarm nuke..

    It sounds to be in good shape and I think you have a good plan. It may even make it to early spring without a mountain camp sugar top, when your weather would be warm enough to feed syrup if needed,...
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    Re: November Mite Count

    You might be better off waiting to try to get a hive or two after almond pollinations in the spring.
  5. Re: A few questions about a hive that seems like it may bee in trouble

    Yea, do the OAV like you said, feed if you can, but don't stress over it, as I think you can make it with what you have into spring. Your location is generally a good area for beekeeping.

    Lack of...
  6. Re: A few questions about a hive that seems like it may bee in trouble

    60lbs single deep should make it through winter where you are. Having mostly empty space above the cluster is not so good going into winter, empty space below is not so bad, and there may be some...
  7. Re: A few questions about a hive that seems like it may bee in trouble

    Take off the feeder, take off the top super, check back in on them in middle February or so. Set the top feeder out away from the hive somewhere so that they can rob it out to clean out the caches of...
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    Re: Fermented Honey?

    Are you sure it's not just slumgum? Very fine wax particles suspended in the honey that floats to the top of the extracted barrel and looks similar to a fine thick foam in a way. Stored in a heated...
  9. Re: X2 vs X3. Opinions on growth of your operation

    Yes, I do like keeping bees, they seem to be good therapy.
    I'm trying to find a way to make it here with them, this is the worst area I've ever tried keeping bees. I wanted to get up some numbers...
  10. Re: X2 vs X3. Opinions on growth of your operation

    I'm on 3.3 Acres, the area here is terrible for beekeeping. What isn't rice fields is dead grass fields in the summer and fall, not much forage here. I have not even tried for much honey production...
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    Re: winter patty or spring patty

    Winter patties have a higher percentage of carbohydrates than other pollen patties. Some folks use them instead of a candy board or sugar brick on top for over winter.
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    Re: smash and grab

    I think your idea has merit. Similar to another user here who starts with packages each spring, blows out all the bees for sale in fall, sells the wax and honey. I think you mean that you are over...
  13. Re: X2 vs X3. Opinions on growth of your operation

    You can use your best 2 or 3 for honey, split the rest up into 3 frame nucs with purchased queens. Then after you've gotten some honey, and the nucs have grown into a full box or more, do more splits...
  14. Thread: No Stores

    by RayMarler

    Re: No Stores

    I would throw in a pollen patty and would be planning on over wintering them with a sugar brick on top. The pollen will help keep the queen laying later to help increase your numbers of younger...
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    Re: OAD timing in Pacific Northwest?

    The time of the least amount of -or- no brooding will be around the last week of December.
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Removed all the feeder jars, and swapped out the feeder lids for solid lids. 3 or 4 seemed a little light on bees, and 2 or 3 might be a little light in stores. They make it or they don't. I'll be...
  17. Re: Treatment free hives doing better than the treated ones

    No, no discussion group, I was just curious for my own information. Thanks, and sorry If It was an in-appropriate question for this thread.
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    Re: 12 volt Electric feed pump

    They were white Coca-Cola barrels, and the sun did more damage to them than the air pressure. I was using a heavy duty 12v emergency tire pump from harbor freight, and it barely put out enough...
  19. Re: Treatment free hives doing better than the treated ones

    And, what kind, how much, how often, and when, were treatments done? I'd be interested to know. Perhaps some treatments and treatment managing are better than others?
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    Re: 12 volt Electric feed pump

    I pressurized a barrel of syrup using a 12v heavy duty air pump to push syrup out the barrel through a hose. I did it this way for a full season, it worked fairly well. It was a little slow to build...
  21. Re: Very fine comb, pollen or crystalized honey after extraction

    Yes, you could be extracting honey that has already started to crystallize, in which case setting in a warm, sunny window for a couple days or in the car seat in the sun will cause it to clear.
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    Re: Increasing Bee Numbers

    The weaker nuc needs younger/nurse bees, not foragers. Swapping positions with a stronger hive can cause the queen in the nuc to be killed or become missing in action. Not always, maybe not even most...
  23. Re: Thoughts on using a queen excluder as a base to a top feeder?

    I can't think of any reason why it would not work.
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    Re: 1 inch too much space?

    I use 3/4" space on my bottom boards. Some bees like to connect the bottoms of the frames to the bottom board with propolis, especially from late fall to early spring.
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    Re: Benefits of yellowjackets

    There is only one good use for yellow jackets and that is, they pollinate black-eyed peas. If you are not growing any black-eyed peas, then exterminate them all.
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