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  1. Re: Has anyone tried a briefcase scale on a hive?

    Adrian: Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find a feed scale in New York City; fancy clothing stores are probably using them for window displays. That's a good point about the size--it seems like...
  2. Has anyone tried a briefcase scale on a hive?

    Looking for a easy, cheaper hive scale. Has anyone tried something like this?
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    Re: Bees & Light Spectrum

    I think I saw this in Contagion. Perhaps buying a mosquito tent (like the ones people sleep in, that are held up by strings attached to the ceiling) would be easier than building a cube yourself. Cut...
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    Re: Hive postmortem; NYC rooftop [pics]

    I'm no judge, but I think the mites + cold opinion was the most likely case.

    Just to clarify on a few theories. It's not fair to attribute it to breed differences, because it was far from a...
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    Re: Hive postmortem; NYC rooftop [pics]

    Thanks all. I'll be sure to be more wary of the cold in the future. When I took the hive apart, there were many frames full of pollen from top to bottom -- you can see one of them on the left side of...
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    Hive postmortem; NYC rooftop [pics]

    Hi all, I have a small 2-hive apiary on a NYC rooftop. Now one hive. :(

    The hive that didn't make it was a first-year Russian hive; it started in April as a package. I have my own theories, but I...
  7. Re: How long can a capped super last before extracting?

    Wouldn't the cold possibly cause his capped supers to crystallize?
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    Re: Wax Worms - Give them to my lizard?

    Well, people eat waxworms sometimes and with no health problems--but I don't know anything about lizards.
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    Re: what colors do bee see

    In The Buzz about Bees: Biology of a Superorganism, Tautz says that bees have the highest color sensitivity at the more energetic end of the spectrum--basically blues and ultraviolets. He also says...
  10. Re: "Africanized Honey?" -- Is anyone aware of this product...

    I actually happened to be near the store again today. It says "Made by Killer Bees"; supposedly wild hives in Brazil. Organic too. Decided not to buy it to not support the africanized bee ...
  11. Re: "Africanized Honey?" -- Is anyone aware of this product...


    You mean this? The label claimed it was made from Killer Bees. I regret not buying it.
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    Re: eczema and honey

    Remember that honey can be dangerous for infants under 12 months of age. A 2-year-old is probably fine, but you might want to do some research before feeding a lot of honey.
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