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  1. Wire diameter for 8 mesh hardware cloth

    Does anyone know what the typical wire diameter is for the 8 mesh hardware cloth used for bottom boards? I have found it from 0.017 to 0.054 inch diameter and nine additional sizes in between. This...
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    Painted Honey Jar Lids

    I have been trying to search BeeSource for this without luck.

    I have seen a jar lid that has a painted image of a bee on it. It was for sale from a german company. I am relatively certain I saw...
  3. Re: Where do you Guys buy your hives from?

    No but this one will:
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    Re: Pollen feeding and SHB

    One exception to this is if you need to draw comb for your brood boxes. You can push that time frame back but you will have to provide lots of sugar syrup until the nectar flow. Basically you are...
  5. Re: Single deep swarm management confusion

    Matt, where can I find out more about this technique? I am in a similar situation this year. I have four colonies that have been overwintered as single deeps. I normally run double deeps during...
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    Re: Pollen feeding and SHB

    As Merince pointed out, if you use a patty that has wax or parchment paper on the top and bottom, the bees will eat from the edge and it keeps the SHB out of the middle. I use this by maximizing the...
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    Re: Honey analysis

    NC has recently adopted a honey standard that uses pollen analysis among other standards. If you label a honey as coming from a specific blossom it must contain 51% pollen from that specific source....
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    Re: My New E.0. Recipe

    Not trying to bust on anyone for working out the recipes, but I have found that there is no need to make up a recipe. I just add the EOs directly to the sugar before making a batch of syrup. By...
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    Re: Bacon in honey?

    I would check with the GADA, if they are the department that regulates food packaging in GA. The short answer is that the fat in the bacon, even when cooked, will eventually go rancid. AND since...
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    Re: Marking a Queen

    I use a Uni POSCA. It's a paint pen that is often used by artists and illustrators. Its big benefit is that it is non-toxic. Many bee supply places carry them now. But you can usually get them...
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    Plastic Perfection Gate

    Anyone use one of these?

    I am no big fan of the standard scissors type gate. Never can get one set just the way I...
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    Re: Needle Rollers

    I don't own one but I have used one. It's a bit of a trade off.

    You don't have a bunch of cappings that you have to squeeze or drain. Of course you don't have the capping wax left over. This...
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    Re: Wax foundation falling, how to fix?

    People who ride bicycles don't have to worry about their gas tanks exploding, but then neither do most people who drive cars. His problem had nothing to do with choosing foundation vs....
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    Re: Inner Cover Burr Comb

    You are thinking about bee space totally wrong. The more space you give them, the happier they are to fill it with comb. If you haven't learned about bee space, get some basic bee books and read up...
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    Re: RidgeTop Apiaries, Mike Haney

    Yep, that's him.
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    RidgeTop Apiaries, Mike Haney

    Several of us hobbyist beekeepers in central NC put together a group order of 44 queens with Mike Haney at RidgeTop Apiaries in TN. VSH and Pol-line VSH. Mike was great to work with. Kept us up to...
  17. Essential Oil Preps: Food Grade? and Lecithin

    Looking into making my own E-Oil preparation for a feeding stimulant and to keep my syrup from molding. Been reading here:
  18. Re: New bee location - what do people like for ground cover under the hive

    I am in the process of putting in something similar. I plan to do an area about 5 wide about 20 to 25 feet long for a row of hives. It's as much about not having to string trim or fight the weeds as...
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    Re: ever tried to talk someone out of it?

    Start by asking them why they want to do it.
    I live in a rural farming county where over the past 30 years one end of the county has become the hip cool place for all the Birkenstock wearing,...
  20. Re: Need help with my bee math please!

    You might want to read the title and the entire OP's post. The whole question is how long should you wait to before determining the status of the new queen and declaring a nuc saleable or a failure.
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    What type of torch do you use?

    I have always carried a standard propane or MAPP torch with my hive working tools. I use it to clean hive tools and queen excluders, light smokers, etc. Recently I have been trying to organize and...
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