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  1. Re: What do my fellow Ohioans look for when supering?

    From my recollections of last year....were about 2 weeks behind where we were last year on improving weather...2 weeks behind on dandelions at least!
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    Re: Cold start for 2011

    Honey Householder....Will you now split those 800 and put them in sngl deeps? Do you run them in sngl deeps all year long with med supers? The weather should be getting better this week for us. I...
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    Re: Unlimited Broodnest

    I do the same TED....I just use an excluder to prevent a over aggressive queen from delaying me extracting honey! This year half the hives are getting deeps for honey instead of mediums as well!...
  4. Re: How to prepare dead out for package?

    Did you find out why they died, so that you dont put bees into a deseased box?
  5. Re: What's the Strangest Thing You've Heard About Bees...

    6 out of 5 people aren't good at math.

    And theres how much intelligence on this forum? The strangest thing i ever heard from my bees was that they didnt appreciate me crushuing some of their...
  6. Re: ways to minimize "crunch" casualties on lid closure?

    i slide boxs on...start at the back and move them forward...holding the lower one at the front. You still catch a few but not as many as just sitting them on vertically...I smoke just before i do...
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    Re: Best selling honey containers

    Thanks Adrian...i just did the same thing with their free samples....I agree on the 1 pounders with the snap lid.
  8. Re: Slope or the landing board 0 to 60, but better 60

    Mouse ramps!!!!! So tell me, how do you do a SBB with a mouse ramp???
  9. Re: Get started right with FREE record keeping software

    Better to do a spread sheet at home instead of relying on a web site that may have a problems accessing periodically.
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    Re: hive corner reinforcement?

    I noticed that from prying the ends of frames up to break them free thanks to propolis that i have caused minor separations at some corners as well. i am installing metal corner brackets around the...
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    Re: Gardening

    Ive been told that spraying the plants and leaves with liquid soap is the best thing. No pesticides in your foods and dead worms. But again, i would do it late in the day. Liquid soap will kill bees.
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    Re: Splitting the first year?

    Hive or Package? There are more than a few people who split lets say a 4 lb package into 2 hive boxs with a 2nd purchased queen, that way the bees have more than enough time to build up from the get...
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    Re: Powdered Sugar

    I thought thymol was for tracheal mites...arent we talking about Varroa? If were suggesting that thymol will work for Varroa as well, then wouldnt that suggest grease patties, the old standby for...
  14. Re: Questions for Those That Don't Rotate Brood Boxes

    I firmly believe this board should be based on local...things in florida arent anything like things in Missouri, let alone ohio! According to the beeks i learned from, you did everything absolutely...
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    Re: Placing Bees on Others Property

    Say this too him..."Most beeks doing pollination charge 150.00 per year/per hive for that service, now what did you have in mind for my honey??"
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    Re: Anything wrong with this picture?

    Other than the frame holder still in place, the pollen trap on a new hive as has already been mentioned and theres no upper vent or holes......the only real problem i see is its in your yard instead...
  17. Re: How to cut dovetails without special equipment i just need to find a couple hours per box out of a tight schedule already!!! DIY is great and i have saved money over the years being a DIYer! Thats the comparison you have to make. In...
  18. Re: How much spring medication ends up in honey?

    Done right, they dont end up with any meds in their supers!!! Meds come off and a waiting period should be utilized..i believe for a minimum of 3 weeks before supers are applied.
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    Re: Intentional Bee Killing for Winter

    Talk to HoneyHouseHolder....a fellow Ohio Beek who sells his bees to southern concerns every fall....makes money and clears his conscious issues all in one!!
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    Re: 3 mediums bulging with bees

    I store honey frames in a chest freezer. These are frames that i will only feed back to them. No wax moth problems with freezing! My intention is to feed these frames to new packages for a faster...
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    Re: How did ya'll come up with your handle?

    Hmmmmm..the handles were already cut in the side of my boxs when i bought them. The ones i built i just made cleat types handles for????:D

    As far as my log in name...if i dont write it down all...
  22. Re: Locating 2 hives, next to each other or apart in the yard?

    They will probably need shade at least during the hottest part of the day...As far as your neighbors pool goes? Bees will get water where they want to get water and for some reason they usually...
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    Re: whats the need for an inner cover

    I would be real interested if not useing an inner cover really can help control SHB? Less places to hide etc., because that seems to be the place i see them first(early in the season) and mostly...
  24. Re: Name One Important Lesson You Learned in Last Year

    I learned that bees are smarter than me even on a good day!!! No matter how bad i mess up, they survive by avoiding the dumb human!!
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    Re: What constitutes mean?

    Know a woman who manages her bees in a t shirt and shorts. Complained to me last fall about getting stung 50 times in one day? What? Really? I have been stung exactly 10 times in my life, by honey...
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