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    Re: Ultraviolet Sterilization of Bees ?

    Duboisi is right about the UV light, it may be blindingly bright for them. Also, most of the viruses and bacteria you'd be worried about are in the mites that hop from bee to bee. By the time the...
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    Re: Am I on the right track?

    Typically if you are in a strong flow they won't take syrup. Put a little out for them and if they don't take to it, no harm. If it disappears, then you did the right thing, since they are light on...
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    Re: Megabee

    Gooey is in fact a word and a good way to describe the warm mixture of Megabee and syrup/honey. It is a very slow moving liquid, half way between molasses and cookie dough. If you need it to firm...
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    Re: Help! i'm suffering

    To add to some of what sqkcrk asked:
    Did you net them?
    What time of day was the move?
    If you moved at night, did you use a red light source or a white one? During the day white clothing is good...
  5. Re: Another game changer in the equation?

    Just something to think about, there are bacteria that can actually digest the toxic oil sludge that washes up on shore. I agree that dispersants are nasty chemicals and don't think they should be...
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    Re: When Can I Inspect - New Queen?

    If the queen is out of the cage, I would wait only about a week from the time she was free of the cage, and there should be evidence of egg laying. Be sure to keep the entrance reduced and have...
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    Re: Feeding fermented honey to bees?

    I don't have a better source, but when I was watching Food Detectives on the Food Network my previously held thoughts on cooking with alcohol were similar to yours.

    If you can find this episode,...
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    Re: drawn comb?

    I have to agree with AmericasBeekeeper on this, crushing up useful comb slows progress. Unfortunately, when starting out, the cheapest way to harvest honey is crushing and straining. I would go to...
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    Re: Should I try a split or not

    I'd recommend waiting as well, so that you will have all the frames of honey and pollen you'll need to have really strong splits in the spring. Also, make your mistakes now while %50 losses are only...
  10. Re: What strain to use for the tropics?

    Keep in mind the Caribbean is heavily saturated with Africanized bees. I would contact Bo Sterk as he is a beekeeper and does a lot of volunteer work in the Caribbean. He spoke at the Orange...
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    Re: Bees checking out the New-Bees...

    If the bees hovering around are not from the nucs themselves, they could be smelling honey/nectar in the nucs and about to rob. Make sure you have an entrance reduced on their new homes to be on the...
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    Re: Fructose, and honey information

    Sorry for the delay in responding, I got distracted with the girls these past few months. From what I can tell, the research is showing that fructose is often metabolized into fat by the liver and...
  13. Re: frames with or without foundation in bait hives?

    What I have seen work for others with langstroth bait hives typically involves draw comb in the center frames along with the scent of an attractant like lemongrass or a commercial lure. I'd bet that...
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    Re: air bubbles in bottles of honey

    Since I can take the time, I wait about 48 to 72 hours for my honey to settle and if there is anything still floating on top, bubbles or traces of wax, I will lay a large piece of food grade plastic...
  15. Re: crazy comb in between nuc frames and more?

    I've that when dealing with the ants and a hive top feeder, use self adhering insulating foam to create a continuous barrier between the lid and the reservoir or switch over to a lid with 70mm/2.75...
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    Re: Amazing...

    Chrissv, you're hooked, for sure. Get in the habit of marking your queens and you could possibly help others get interested in beekeeping by selling them your nucs.
  17. Re: Two beekeeping styles, and a significant lesson learned.

    The way bees are treated can be a direct cause of being testy. No matter how gentle you are with your bees, you should really reconsider not wearing a veil because it sounds like you aren't using...
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    Re: Nucs???

    Honeybeealex, it's a good idea to keep a couple of nuc boxes ready with bees or ready to have bees dropped in. Getting use to having a couple of nucleus hives around will save a lot of money in the...
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    Re: another feeding question...

    There are a couple of things that I'm going to assume about the situation; that the only the cut out bees have access to the nectar and they were disease free. There should be no problem feeding...
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    Re: Rossman Apiaries in Moulton, Georgia

    I've had good luck with them but can say I've only placed 2 orders with them. I made sure I called to place the order and followed up if anything seemed amiss. This time of year is crazy for the...
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    Re: Dandant-evaluation of service

    Sydneyknits, I can understand your frustration and while what I'm about to say is going to echo what others have already said (thanks StevenG), I'd like to just add to the numbers. The Spring/Summer...
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    Re: Smoker too hard on my hands!

    Beyond modifying the smoker or buying something new, I was wondering what type of fuel you are using, because you might be able to be more efficient with a different fuel. Hay, pine needles, and...
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    Re: package question

    If you have another hive with capped brood, I'd recommend taking at least one frame and shake/brush the bees off and put it in the hive once the queen has been accepted. That would help cover the...
  24. Re: The Queen has been deposed after 27 days...

    I'd bank on a leaky feeder for the syrup being all over. Also, do you remove a frame before doing inspections so that you are manipulating a 10 frame hives while only 9 frames in it? If all 10...
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    Re: Swapping hive locations

    One way to help prevent bee mortality is to mask their scent with 1:1 syrup that has a few drops of peppermint oil. Spritz the existing, weak hive along with the transplants and it can increase...
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