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  1. Crystallization of Stored Frames: How Soon at Room Temp?

    I'm shopping for some extracting equipment while my filled honey supers await.

    They are being stored in my kitchen at temps between 55-70deg (12-21 C).......for one month so far.

    Any rush to...
  2. Storage for Spare Hiveware: Enclosed Shed or Pavillion Roof?

    I need to store extra supers and deeps, etc.

    Will set up storage within a bear-fenced bee yard.

    Should I build an enclosed shed or will a simpler 4-Post Roof (pavilion) suffice?

    The pavilion...
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    Recommended Extractor for 5 Hives?

    Leaning towards electric with about 3 frame capacity.

    Any model or spec recommendations are appreciated!

    (I'm getting between 6-10 supers of honey the last two years.)

  4. Re: How to identify which hive swarmed? Lower honey? Other?

    Swarm was definitely my bees.............but would still like to identify which hive was source.

    As suggested here, without knowing, I'm supposed to let all the other hives proceed with their...
  5. How to identify which hive swarmed? Lower honey? Other?

    I'm still a beginner...

    I captured the swarm....but after inspecting all 5 hives, they ALL are heavily populated. And ALL have swarm cells at bottom of frames. I understand that I need to remove...
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    Transfer honey frames from a dead hive?

    Can I take the capped honey frames from a dead hive and give to a live hive?
    One of my dead hives perished in the autumn. A suspected pathogen is deformed wing virus.

    Do I risk transferring this...
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    Re: Help: Diagnose newly dead hive

    I went out and applied oxalic acid vapor today to my remaining 6 hives.................keeping fingers crossed! I took the honey supers from the dead hive and gave them to my other hives. Hope I...
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    Re: Help: Diagnose newly dead hive

    OK Michael Palmer: here's 3 bees that were emerging. I pulled them out with tweezers as gently as I could. Mites found on removable bottom board after 9 days was up to 15 mites/sq inch (pre-hive...
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    Re: Help: Diagnose newly dead hive

    Heads are out of the cells. They have plenty of honey in top deep. No frass found. Cluster is size of a nerf football (smaller than a standard football). Slightly smaller than a standard tissue...
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    Help: Diagnose newly dead hive

    My first dead hive (beekeeping 2 years) and not sure of cause.

    The dead bees are clustered mostly in lower deep towards the front of the hive. We've had an unusually early cold spell with temps...
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    Re: New colony not using Mann Lake top feeder

    I'm also finding that my bees are not consuming syrup from my new Mann Lake Feeders. (Syrup has wintergreen oil). The hives with frame feeders are consuming. I will try vinegar or lemongrass oil -...
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    Re: Minimum distance between hive rows?

    Facing opposite directions won't work - if needing to face all hives south. (I've read this is the thing to do - I'm near ID,WA, BC border). I like advice on being able to drive truck between, thus...
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    Minimum distance between hive rows?

    I'm setting up a new bee yard. Will have 10 hives arranged in 2 rows. Entrances for both rows will face south. Is there a minimum distance to keep the rows apart? I prefer close together to limit...
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    Re: Should I split this hive?

    Only about 2-3 frames of open comb. Of that only about 1 or 2 frames with uncapped syrup. Based on above advice, indeed sounds like waiting for much more capped brood is a good idea. Thanks!
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    Should I split this hive?

    The hive has 1 frame of eggs in bottom box and 1 frame of eggs in top box. Not as much larvae or capped brood as eggs. Bees are bringing in pollen and only consuming about 1 gal syrup/week. Queen...
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    Recipe for home-made wasp lure?

    I'd like to save $ by making my own - instead of buying commercial liquid lure. (I've heard chicken parts have somehow been used, but with bears here, that's not an option.) Of course, the lure...
  17. Re: Essential oils in winter - causing hive exodus?

    Thanks for the responses. My basement stays between 50-60degrees. That might be too warm, but it's unheated - so it always stays in the 50-60 range.

    I followed the online recipe to make a...
  18. Essential oils in winter - causing hive exodus?

    Hi, I just added some essential oils to my syrup (for the first time). I am overwintering a hive inside basement. The bees seem much more active than ever. They are flying out the tube - and most, if...
  19. Re: Daily Death Rate Observed for an Indoor Winter Hive

    Great feedback, thanks! My basement is unheated, and stays between 50-60degrees. This is the first time I've brought indoors. I'm not sure how many bees were in the hive when I brought it indoors...
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    Re: SNOWED in bees

    Good photo, someone has a lot of artistic talent.............very nice!
  21. Daily Death Rate Observed for an Indoor Winter Hive

    I'm overwintering a single 10-frame deep box inside the basement. (it was a weak hive, but seemed free of any noticeable pests before I brought inside). It has a clear entrance tube to the outdoors...
  22. Recommend a large (3-4 gal) Hive Top Feeder?

    I can only visit my hives about every 7-10 days, so I prefer a large capacity feeder. I have read some reviews of the Mann Lake 4gal feeder...
  23. Recommend an electric stapler/nailer for Frames?

    I've got a lot of new frames to put together. (I'm a beginner). Can anyone recommend a particular model of electric stapler or brad nailer? I prefer not to use air-powered simply because I don't...
  24. Re: Extract Several Frames Without an Extractor?

    The bees did not cap all the cells. About half were uncapped. Is it ok to mix the uncapped honey with capped honey?

    These are plastic frames. If totaled, the capped honey would only equal...
  25. Extract Several Frames Without an Extractor?

    I have several frames to extract and don't want to spend $ to rent an extractor for such a small amount.

    This is my very-first harvest :), so we are excited about getting some honey, even if it's...
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